Jannieology X BCK Makeup : Giveaway Alert!

As promised in my previous post, here's another giveaway in celebration of me turning 22 (last May12!). My love for makeup will be eternal so I'm really happy to share this makeup themed giveaway but first I'd like to talk a bit more about my lovely sponsor...
 photo giveaway1_zps6fb21876.jpg
"Beauty Crafts by Kiran is founded by Kimberly Ann also known as "Kim" or “Kiran” which means sun rays in Hindi. Kiran is her screen name as a makeup artist, an award-winning makeup artist and airbrush specialist.

Kiran finished her professional airbrush course at Make Up For Ever Academy, Singapore and pro makeup artistry course at Maquillage Professionel (supported by Makeup For Ever, Paris) specializing in facial beauty, high fashion, bridal and photography makeup. She is a certified hairstylist too, having finished her training in David’s Salon Academy and a member of Philippine Make-Up Artists Association (PMUAA).

At present, she is now an instructor at Golden Success Aviation School in Manila for flight attendant trainees on their beauty class, makeup instructor at Infoguide Training Center located at Ortigas and instructor at her own makeup studio located in Makati. She's also the brand developer of BCK Cosmetics & Tools and a freelance makeup artist specializing in weddings, photoshoots, events, tv ads and more."

 photo kiran_zps4d2f16e7.jpg
Below are only some of her amazing work. Visit the official Facebook page to check out more!
 photo giveaway2_zpsdcd08069.jpg
She even has workshops for those makeup enthusiasts like me! Below is a copy of the June workshops.
 photo 913742_469671083108466_564106906_o_zpsffc6cbff.png
Now onto everyone's favorite part. The actual giveaway!
 photo giveaway_zpsd2898359.jpg
There will be one (1) lucky Philippine based winner who will be taking this loot home with her/him! Below are bigger photos for your viewing pleasure...
 photo 550012_447498461992395_976056808_n_zps4b6c50b0.jpg
1 BCK Eyeshadow Palette
 photo 374463_447493201992921_37960334_n_zpsc9065ec6.jpg
1 BCK Concealer Wheel
 photo 254430_447493185326256_1032093801_n_zps2a55b2d6.jpg
1 BCK Black Gel Eyeliner
 photo 555272_420008421408066_495099818_n_zps50c040be.jpg
1 BCK Egg Sponge in Teal Green ONLY
 photo 735085_420008481408060_515831226_n_zps377eecb5.jpg 1 BCK box of false lashes (10 pairs!)
Indeed a great loot, right?! So what do you have to do to be able to get a chance at winning? Check out the rafflecopter application below and do all the mandatory mechanics to win!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
NOTAC : Giveaway will run starting today (05-15-13) till June 15, 2013. Winner will be announced shortly after. This giveaway is open to Philippine based readers only and is open to girls/guys who are 18 years old and above. If you are a minor, and you win, I will require you to send me a scanned permission letter from your parents that it is okay for them to give me your shipping address so I can ship the items to you... Good luck everyone and  enjoy!


  1. i love most about make up is that it enhance your beauty and hide imperfection.
    i would like to win the bck eyeshadow palette.

    sherry ann gole cruz

  2. I love putting make up on because it gives emphasis to my asset which is my eyes. It makes me more confident when I'm out with my friends or meeting other people.

    Name: Jawaher Banico
    Email: jawsmayobanico@gmail.com

  3. I really love makeup because it enhances beauty. I'm excited to have the eyeshadow because it has many cute colors and love design.

    Irene Tuazon

  4. I love makeup simply because it enhances the features of a woman or man who wears it. I'm loving the gel liner!! i really want that!

    Chiara Vicencio

  5. I love how putting on make up makes me feel more confident, it feels like an armor and when I wear it I can take on anything! I am really excited with the whole lot but I am most excited about the concealer and the gel eyeliner, I can't wait to try them out.

    Myles Obina

  6. What I love most about makeup is that it makes me more beautiful and I can play with it as much as I want depending on my mood. And of course, it helps us ladies hide those nasty zits when we break out. ;)

    -I would love to win the BCK eyeshadow palette!It's so gorgeous! :)

    Name: Carlmel Joy Escuadro
    Email: cjescuadro@gmail.com

  7. What i love most about makeup is that it enhances the features as well as it gives this happy feeling when you see yourself all dolled up.

    Katrina Ponce

  8. I would love the eyeshadow palette because the colors makes my eyes pop.

    Gizzele Alfonso

  9. What I love most about makeup is enhances my beauty.

    Joy Marie Benosa

  10. What I love most about makeup is that it adds confidence to myself =)
    Im excited about the EYESHADOW PALETTE! i want to create beautiful looks using that gorgeous palette,.. i wanted to attend BCK workshops.. pagiipunan ko talaga =)

    Rhania E. Chang

  11. I love Makeup because it enhances my facial features and adds up confidence to myself. I am really excited to try the eyeshadow palette and the egg sponges!
    Name: Gina May Mungcal
    email address: gm.mungcal@gmail.com

  12. I would like to win the eyeshadow palette. I think it will be a good start-up make-up kit. I am really not used to wear make-up. I only used pressed powder and a lipstick. But after graduating, I think my face is so pale that i need to put some little colors on my face. ^_^

  13. Forgot to put my email!

    Raqisah Alimona

  14. the IG username of is @beautycraftsbykiran! there's a typo error! you typed bautycraftsbykiran kindly check dear! ^_^

  15. Jannie! I would love to play around with the eyeshadow palette and eyeliner gel. It's just a part of being a girly girl I guess. =D

    Raisa Mae Fernandez

  16. What I love most about makeup is that it allows you and other people to focus on your natural beauty by hiding imperfections.

    Name: Aviva Domasian
    Email: crazy.about.sakto(at)gmail.com

  17. twinkle joy hapin tapalla
    having m,akeup is like upgrading your self. it adds beauty to a person.i would like to win the bck eyeshadow palette

  18. I love putting makeup because it enhances my beauty and makes me more attractive. It also gives me self-confidence everytime I wear makeup. I would like to win the eyeshadow palette because I love playing different colors on my eyes. :)

    Judy Ann Chio

  19. I'm pretty much excite for EYE SHADOW PALETTE,:)
    I love concealer simply because it hides my pimples and acne marks..:)

    May A. Domegracia

  20. I love everything but I'd be glad to receive the eyeshadow palette!

    Clarisse Litiatco

  21. Applying make up adds confidence and enhances someone's beauty.Eyeshadow palette is love!
    Say Yap

  22. what I love about make up is that it covers my flaws & brighten up my face . ^_^
    Love the gel eyeliner & the palette

    Marine Rose Decena

  23. What I like most about cosmetics is that it can change anyone's image and character, gives us more confidence and makes us feel better. I like to try the concealer wheel!

    Paula Sepulveda

  24. What I really like about make up is it makes pretty faces into gorgeous one :) from simple to elegant and it can hide imperfections that most girls get insecure whenever they got uneven skin or acne scars on there faces. I really want to have the concealer one so that I can give it to my sister and the eye palette for myself :)

    Lean Diwa

  25. What i like most about makeup is the kind of fulfillment it brings me whenever i prettify myself. some people relieve their stress by going out or taking a vacation, but as for me, i am at my most relaxed state when im doing my own makeup. I want to win the eyeshadow palette.

    katrina soriano

  26. I want the Concealer wheel because it has 4shades in it. I love most about makeup is how it conceals the imperfections and enhances one's features.

    Krystel jabonitalla

  27. Make up enhances beauty and cover up imperfections :) I want to win that eyeliner gel cause it gives more definition to my eyes! <3

    Jubilee Macatangay

  28. What I do love most about makeup is their ability to make us beautiful. The item among the prizes I am really excited to get is the 1 BCK Eyeshadow Palette. <3

    Vanessa Rose Palacio


  29. I really want the concealer wheel and the sponge. im a newbie in makeup.. what i really love about makeup it covers our imperfections.
    Angela Alviz

  30. What i love about makeup is it covers our imperfection.
    I really want those concealer wheel and sponges. I dont have makeup makeup pallette too! :(

    Angela Alviz

  31. I love how I can experiment with makeup. Create all my ideas and share it with the world. :3 I'm most excited about the eyeshadow palette. The colors are just so electric! <3
    Siena Joy Y. Cajilig

  32. What I love about makeup is the feeling that you get when you wear it. It boosts the confidence that you have and it makes you feel that you are the prettiest girl in the world. :D

    Among the prizes, I am really excited to get the BCK Eyeshadow Palette. ^_^

    Name: Ann Geleen Felix
    Email: geleenfelix@yahoo.com

  33. What I love about makeup is I look different hahaha and I love them all

    Toni Rose Regala

  34. What I love about makeup is it enhance our beauty and added confidence. I like the concealer wheel and eyeliner gel. :)

    Jamelle Katrina Castro

  35. i only use eye shadows and lipstick and i really love the colors of your eyeshadows giveaways that's why im hoping to win!!

    arra odeza

  36. I love how make up transforms me to look a whole lot better and most especially it gives me more confidence :)
    I love the concealer wheel, actually I love them all!

    Ma. Karla Shane Orinoco

  37. Make-up is one of the most treasure items of the girls because through this you can beautify yourself :) I love the make up palette :)


  38. makeup always put a smile on my face silly me but I feel am beautiful when i have all my makeup. I would love the eye shadows palette and blenders!

  39. I love how make u brightens up my face and enhancing my features. I would love to get BCK Eye shadow palette...
    full name: Rosalie Tangonan
    email address: bsefilipino_pnu@yahoo.com

  40. I love make-up, it gives us an aura of success & it enhance our natural beauty..
    would love to win the shadow palette..it's so pigmented,,thanks for the chance.. :)
    Marine Therese Decena

  41. What I like most about make ups is that it enhances your beauty and also can boost your confidence. Hope I can win the BCK Eyeshadow Palette.

    Maria Christina Gumatay

  42. i like how makeup changes your look, you can go from sweet to sultry.. depends on your mood. as long as you got the right colors, then you're good to go!

    would love to take home the BCK eyeshadow palette! :)

    Name: MelaineCorazonGarcia
    Email: aineblogs(at)gmail(dot)com

  43. I really want that Eyeliner Gel! I love putting on eye liner and eye shadow..

    Name: JoanneGonzales
    Email: jongskie721@gmail.com

  44. What I want most is the concealer wheel. It can makes you look fresh and emphasize your looks.
    Maricel Fajardo

  45. I love about make ups is that it can make us beautiful and can also gain our confidence!!

    Hope to win the BCK eyeshadow palette!

    Julie-Ann Sta. Ines

  46. Makeup hides my imperfection and gives more emphasis on my asset. I'm excited to win the BCK Eyeshadow Palette. :)
    Ariane dela Cruz

  47. Angelica P. Aragon-Manalata

    What I love about makeup is that it magically transforms us without going under the knife. The key is to properly emphasize our features and to highlight our assets using cosmetics. Makeup is also versatile. We just have to use our creativity to make the most out of it! ^__^

    I would definitely love to win the eyeshadow palette, since I love emphasizing my almond-shaped eyes. ^__^

    I'll keep my fingers crossed! ^__^

  48. Karla Motol

    What I love about make up is that it hides imperfection and gives emphasis to one's asset/features. Its a somehow magical way to beautify a person's looks, without undergoing cosmetic surgery.

    I would love to have the eyeshadow palette. I love emphasizing my eyes and try different eye make up styles.

  49. i like the eyeshadow palette.
    i love makeup because it can add to a woman's confidence
    camille quiambao

  50. i love most about make up is the fact that it really helps a lot to see more beautiful of a girl :)

    Erica M. Baylosis


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