Are You A Rainbow Head? - GIVEAWAY ALERT!

I started getting my hair dyed in high school since it happened to be "all the rage" back then to go a shade lighter than your natural hair color or have blonde-ish highlights put in. I naturally have dark brown hair that shifts to a medium brown in the summer when I get too much "sun" exposure.
Through the years I enjoyed getting my hair dyed till I reached college and started taking my course seriously. You see, it's a big "no-no" for nurses to have crazy hair colors (I still don't understand why!)

So back in college, I had to say good bye to hair dyeing sessions till I graduated. Or so I thought!
Even as a registered nurse, crazy hair colors were prohibited. So now that I'm currently on a quick hiatus from my job as a nurse, I've decided to take a risk and get my hair dyed a crazy color. Which brings me to this really cool giveaway I stumbled upon the RAINBOW HEAD shop!

Based in Pasig & Makati, Rainbow Head is an online shop that is an authorized reseller of Manic Panic hair products and they're being very generous by giving away 1 year's supply of hair dyes!

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