Kering Keri Store Haulage! ~ SALE ITEMS!

Kering Keri Store is a Quezon City based shop that I've had great transactions with before. The other day; Miss Eunice, the shop owner, posted her post birthday sale and I immediately grabbed hold of a few things I wouldn't normally get at their regular prices.
 photo IMG_7741_zps16e5fddc.jpg  photo IMG_7742_zpsc55d598d.jpg
Lipstick Organizer - P180/each

Most of you already know that my favorite kind of makeup product happens to be lipsticks! I have a slight addiction for them and so I really need 2 other lipstick organizers since 1 isn't enough to hold my growing collection.
 photo IMG_7743_zpsfb7a1824.jpg  photo IMG_7744_zps2bfbba12.jpg  photo IMG_7745_zps1c17414b.jpg  photo IMG_7746_zps23e09463.jpg
1. Maybelline "The Falsies" Mascara in Black - P350
2. Beauty UK Lip Vinyl in Pacha - P150
3. BYS Matte Lipstick in Reddy Set Go - P200
4. NYX Powder Blush in Taupe - P240
5. MUA The Artiste Collection Palette - P400
6. beauty UK Eyeshadow Collection - Freebie for Review
7. Lipcote - Freebie for Review
Which product do you guys want me to do a review on first?


  1. I think I need one of those lipstick organizers myself! :)

  2. I've been staring at their website for days, thinking whether or not to buy their MUA palette, lol. Love your haul, sis :)

  3. Hmmm, review on the MUA palette? Hehehe. Reasonable prices, not bad, not bad.... =D

    Paperback giveaway here: http://eljovenlector.blogspot.com/2013/08/book-review-paperback-giveaway-miss.html

  4. I have lipcote! But haven't reviewed it yet. I hope you can so I can see if it has the same effects with me. Love your haul! :)

  5. i think I also need that lipstick holder since my lipsticks are just everywhere this days. nice haul

  6. Mabuti kpa sis at naabutan mo yung birthday sale nya. Gusto ko din sana bumili nung lipstick organizer kaso sold out na. Next week naman daw new stocks at balik na regular price. Huhu. :(

  7. Please do a review on the Lipcote! And I love how affordable their lipstick organizer is :)

  8. Buying online is one of my favourite things to do talaga - sort of an addiction lalo na if its all about makeup. I would say most of my expenses go to makeup rather than clothes and fashion necessities, haha!

    Grabe, those are good finds ah.. and mura pa, compared to the ones I have been buying, lol! >.<


  9. wooow.. these are a lot!! :D Goooshhh... I miss makeup shopping na :)

  10. Awesome goodies!!


  11. Hala!!! Me likey! (with kilig feelings) Esp the Mascara! Sayang I wasn't able to catch up sa sale nila. Nice haul! <3

  12. Hala!!! Me likey! (with kilig feelings) Esp the mascara! Saw it on a vlog on You Tube. Sayang wasn't able to buy items from that sale. I love your haul! It makes me drool for more make-up! :)

  13. Love to see a review of the Lipcote!! Curious talaga ako dun. :) nice haul! Suki ka na ng Kering Keri hehe

  14. Jannie! Naamaze ako sa organizer. Before looking the box just the organizer itself napaisip ako paano ilalagay ung lipstick dun then mismong lipstick pala haha (if you now what i mean) Hindi ko maexplain ng maayos :D From all the things, gusto ko yung mascara :)

  15. Oooh! I have that same lipstick organizer and it's just addicting! I just hope they sell bigger ones with more lipstick slots. Hehehe... Nice haul!

    Sabs -The Makeup Maven


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