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As a makeup enthusiast, I'm always on the lookout for online shops that carry a ward array of affordably priced makeup products that aren't locally available in the Philippines. I stumbled upon The Primp Pad a couple of months ago because I was on the search for ELF products that were priced more affordably than the ones in the mall. I was ecstatic to get several items from them that were P10-P20 pesos cheaper than mall prices and after several transactions with the shop, I've decided to so a short feature on them. Miss Micaela Valenzuela, the shop owner, is a friendly and efficient lady who manages the shop well. She responds promptly to queries and is also very understanding.
The Primp Pad is definitely your go-to shop for all your primping needs...
Check them out now!

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  1. Hello! I ordered/made a payment yesterday but for some reason I didn't receive any confirmation. I saw another comment from a different vlog and experienced same thing and it's been 5 days waiting..


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