MLOTI 6 : Ciudad Medical Zamboanga's BRA (Bra To Raise Awareness) Campaign - Act Right Together *ART* Workshop

Guess who's back from the "dead"?!
*raises hand* I am!
It's been over a month. I've broken some blogger promises but I've been dealing with so many things going on in my personal life that blogging just had to take the back seat for a while but I'm back with a new post that ties two things that are important to me - raising cancer awareness & being craftsy. I just wanted to share some photos with you guys...

Yes, I'm back at CMZ as a nurse trainee for the second time.
And yes, I'm totally excited over it.
 photo IMG_9487_zps5485f011.jpg  photo IMG_9467_zpsf3895f24.jpg  photo IMG_9466_zps97786d9f.jpg  photo IMG_9575_zps74d6c21d.jpg  photo IMG_9574_zps8ec1eafd.jpg  photo IMG_9469_zpsd27e520d.jpg  photo IMG_9483_zpsdb8138d9.jpg  photo IMG_9527_zps18858b3b.jpg  photo IMG_9525_zps26704c71.jpg  photo IMG_9462_zpsfae2ad67.jpg  photo IMG_9577_zps0745ad82.jpg  photo IMG_9596_zps51b449f4.jpg  photo IMG_9602_zps45ac5858.jpg  photo IMG_9599_zpsd4a50d35.jpg  photo IMG_9604_zpsb26a502c.jpg

For more information regarding the CMZ BRA to raise awareness CAMPAIGN, visit
http://inpinaysfootsteps.blogspot.com which belongs to the hospital's medical director & fellow Zamboabga Blogger, Dra. Filipinas Rojo.

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  1. I am so happy, Jannie that you are part of CMZ once again and at such a wonderful time! I know we made you do things which you usually do not do as nurses, like decorating bras and dancing as part of the Flash Mob...but I hope you (and your fellow nurse trainees) would consider these times as meaningful and fun! Thank you for this story. I know, there has to be a different way for looking at things and that is through a fellow blogger! We have something for you, too for participating as a blogger!


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