Quick Fire Giveaway : "Mason Jar" Edition

One of my recent obsessions just happen to be a quirky lil thing called "mason jar". This new craze hit a couple of months ago but I waited for the trend to die down a bit before getting a couple of these jars for myself because they were too freakin' expensive at first! I got the ones with handles but the more common ones are the ones without handles. If you google mason jar, it'll say that it's basically a molded glass jar commonly used in home canning to preserve food. 
I've seen a number of posts like this 28 incredible meals you can make in a mason jar and this 41 easy things to do with mason jars that'll definitely get you thinking more creatively! So anyway, since I've been stocking up on these babies, I've set aside one jar, 2 lids and 2 paper straws specially for this giveaway!
 photo IMG_0079_zps2aaeb2c1.jpg  photo Fotor01023205931_zps20fc9d0e.png
This giveaway is open to all my Philippine based subscribers and starts today, October 24, 2014 and ends on October 31, 2014 at 11:59pm. One (1) winner will be picked and an announcement will be made on my official Facebook page. The winner will then be emailed on his/her active email account and will be given 48 hours to reply. Failure to do so will automatically disqualify the winner from claiming the prize and I'll draw a new winner... Good luck everyone!
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  1. Yay! I'm also a fan of mason jars but I didn't get a chance to buy one. If I win this mason jar I will probably use this for drinking my detox theraphy and my favorite Ice tea drink.

    Danica Marie Abrigo

    FB: Menchit Pampolina Abrigo

  2. I will use it when I drink my favorite drinks or probably try out using it in making a meal.

    Maria Christina Gumatay

  3. ooohh! i love mason jars.. I would use them as a salad "cup" :)

  4. I'd use the mason jar for my cousin's present this coming November! I'd make a blueberry cheesecake and stuff it inside the mason jar. :) I think she'd definitely love it since the present's idea is cute, adorable, and creative just like her :)

    Maria Eileen C. Caballero

  5. I will use it for my daughters birthday party :) im planning to set up a candy buffet on her 1st birthday this coming December and this will be great for the set up i am planning :)
    Hanna espiritu
    Email: hannaespiritu08@gmail.com

  6. i'd put my fave detox juices here


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