Singapore Diaries 2015 : Universal Studios Singapore (01/29/15)

Universal Studios Singapore... Where do I even start? *happy sigh*
I knew right away that I wanted USS to be part of my Singapore trip because it's something I wanted to go to with my lil sister... Since my daddy was still on duty at work, we were only able to take our mum along... Maybe next time, all four of us can enjoy the theme park...
Universal Studios Singapore is a theme park located within Resorts World Sentosa on Sentosa Island.  It's made up of seven zones starting with Hollywood then followed by New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Far Far Away and lastly Madagascar.
We purchased tickets online for $74/each which is approximately 2419.24 in pesos. It may be a steep price but the experience was worth it! (Ticket serves as entrance fee with unlimited rides!)
I won't be talking too much about the trip but I do hope you enjoy the photos!
 photo 983846_774917699271517_2938776034613321674_n_zpsqcuincbq.jpg  photo 10177511_774917899271497_1719430079911411570_n_zpsdiscbv6c.jpg  photo 10347720_774917855938168_80177716809341032_n_zpsy81dy3h8.jpg  photo 10408638_774918089271478_6132650430130020287_n_zpsjnkhchns.jpg  photo 10968398_774918029271484_7636859069095909044_n_zpsiimdsmzn.jpg  photo 10945050_774918529271434_994874087148553864_n_zpsmi4aieiu.jpg  photo 10352193_10200128489211464_5318825587130949407_n_zpszh9tkxbe.jpg  photo 1976932_774918245938129_8357799642750953234_n_zpsagigeb0b.jpg  photo 10403607_10200128482891306_2887911243761215497_n_zpskpxwgh05.jpg  photo 10338716_10200128481451270_4416657464683612606_n_zpsg9tfhsxe.jpg  photo 10346372_774918552604765_2603645772012873890_n_zpsjtmk1dzl.jpg  photo 551553_774918915938062_3469203187806483628_n_zpswf1abapz.jpg  photo 10959574_10200128483531322_460595228419581881_n_zps9vqii6sk.jpg  photo 1623568_774919365938017_2352866830773241156_n_zps477lyr2p.jpg  photo 1465132_774918735938080_6828556305979437799_n_zpss2wvi5wg.jpg  photo 10432496_774918805938073_2405370218497765648_n_zps8q8m0gdt.jpg  photo 10955163_774919095938044_8839811841398345497_n_zpsgghw0dbo.jpg  photo 1488762_774919185938035_3985418524159686543_n_zpskncynux2.jpg  photo 10665337_774919292604691_5985528350281778197_n_zpsxcdc7ita.jpg  photo 10612561_774919612604659_8724241236061304935_n_zpsidzm8fpc.jpg  photo 10429812_10200128485091361_1706210999470410353_n_zps7m9cipr0.jpg  photo 10959226_10200128485371368_3187161757698795578_n_zpsjfplbaub.jpg  photo 10612757_774919335938020_119227247324949635_n_zpscdwhg83n.jpg  photo 1483364_774920035937950_2372534821898904776_n_zpso0ghdzgb.jpg  photo 1471212_10200128487731427_1100373526234617176_n_zps1hnaedy3.jpg  photo 10366152_10200128488811454_6868508389479554971_n_zpsih6n1kgx.jpg  photo 10968497_10200128491011509_4340754021559073032_n_zpsbbkiinzq.jpg  photo 1656263_10200128492971558_2682023116645501595_n_zpsxlighcj3.jpg  photo 10405515_10200128497051660_6092548565415913718_n_zps1bfobgsr.jpg  photo 1538688_10200128498531697_4716364411643155402_n_zpsigt4qsy7.jpg  photo 10806436_10200128497891681_5925807390172273530_n_zpsez1gphfe.jpg

I had an absolutely amazing time at Universal Studios Singapore and I hope to be able to go back again the next time I'm in Merlion City. It's definitely a place for both kids & kids at heart.

Quick Tips!!!
Do : Purchase tickets online to save yourself the hassle of queuing at the ticket counter.
Dress comfortably and bring a spare set of clothes if you intend on going on the water rides (which we unfortunately weren't able to do because of a slight mechanical glitch in the ride! BOO!).
Bring a bottle of water that you can refill because it's more economical than buying bottled water at $5-7/bottle.
Bring a pair of sunnies as it can get hot and glaring.
Charge your phone and bring a power bank in case.
Bring a portable camera (preferably just use your phone) that's not a DSLR because lugging around a heavy piece will spoil the fun!
Take along a "monopod/selfie pod" so everyone gets a chance to be in photos!
Enjoy every minute of it!

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