#OhHaiDer April!

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It's finally April and I'm uninspired. *boohoo~*
I don't want to sound all depressed and sh*t but the heat hitting Zamboanga these days is terrible. I've  been dealing with power blackouts, extreme water rationing and bouts of insomnia the past few weeks that the only thing keeping me half sane is A., baking & late night food shows on TLC.

I'm spending Holy Week at home, in between the sheets while on my phone reading off Wattpad or online trying to find something funny on Buzzfeed. I'm not really the religious type that goes out doing the Visita Iglesia or the hike up to the big ole cross, go figure. There's nothing wrong with doing any of that but it just isn't for me. I "celebrate" Holy Week my own way...

I'll try to update a bit more this month...

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