Sugar Works : The Baker In Me

Around 19 months ago, I started a little online home based bakery to fuel my love of cakes, cupcakes, & cookies (plus, to support my lipstick addiction). I had a really long list of possible names until I decided to go with Sugar Works... It was supposed to be Sweet Works but I felt that it would be too common. Funny though since I've come across a couple of other Sugar Works shops online as well. *chuckles* I guess it's a popular shop name then.

Recently I've decided to spruce up my little bakery's logo with the help of Maren Torres of Callico Prints (check her out, she's amazeballs!)... She was very easy to talk to and didn't mind doing all the little revisions to the layouts till I was 101% satisfied with everything... I'm going to keep this a short post before I start rambling on and on again... So, without further ado, I share with you the new layouts!
 photo Sugar Works logo 2 copy_zpsxja7djiv.jpg
Official Logo
 photo Sugar Works cover photo copy_zpsyazv7ctk.jpg
Official Page Cover Photo
 photo Sugar Works business card copy_zpslucrwtpy.jpg
Official Business Card (omfg, I finally have one!)

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