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It's almost the end of September. I've been all over the place with my day job, baking, and life in general. I feel like such a bad blogger because I've severely neglected this blog. I wish I had more time, or even more pairs of hands so I could just get more stuff done!~

I've recently had to make big life decisions and maybe I'll be blogging about it soon, but for now here's another on of my currently posts...


Reading :
This lovely cookie recipe on BrownEyedBaker.Com, I'm really looking forward to trying this version of a chocolate chip cookie out. It's called the $250 Neiman Marcus cookie!
 photo neiman-marcus-cookies-16-600-600x900_zpst1qphr40.jpg
Photo Source : BrownEyedBaker
A list of things to buy at the grocery. It's been raining like hell the entire day and the kitchen at my grandmother's house is flooded. I need to stock up on easy to cook stuff like canned goods just in case the condition worsens because of the typhoon.

Listening To:
" I've got my ticket for the long way 'round, two bottle whiskey for the way... And I sure would like some sweet company, and I'm leaving tomorrow... What d'you say?"

Leggings, a shirt and pink socks. I'm still wearing the clothes I wore when I went out earlier. I really should shower and change into my pjs asap.

About a lot of things. Especially about whether or not I made the right choice.

Anxious about everything that's going on.

San Miguel's apple flavored beer. I've had a couple of bottles the past few days.

More time to do everything I need to do. 

A couple of cups of coffee.

Everything to fall into place.

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