Of Choices & Life Decisions...

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I woke up pretty early today to finally accomplish my resignation clearance from Ciudad Medical Zamboanga. This is also the first time (I think!) that I've mentioned the complete name of my workplace - my home for the past few years. I've been with CMZ since 2013... I started out as a trainee nurse then finished my first contract then resigned... Last February 2014 I decided to come back and work in the same area that I fell in love with. I started from the bottom again as a trainee nurse. I served for 6 months and was then promoted to a reliever nurse. I held that position for a year before I got promoted to my probationary status. A month later, I decided it was time to resign...
Yes, you guys read that right. I'm officially unemployed again as of November 18, 2015. It was a really tough decision to make on my part but I took the risk to do what I love the most, and that is to bake... I'm taking Sugar Works to a whole new other level that's why I decided to really resign already. No turning back now... I meant for this post to be a much longer one but I think this pretty much sums up everything I want to share for now... Wish me luck guys, this is really it! 


  1. That was a really a brave decision sis! The best of luck to your business also! :) <3

  2. Goodluck on your chosen path! Why is it so hard to get a stable job when you are a nurse, eh? T_T I am currently working as one under DOH's Nurse Deployment Project but our superiors always say that we might not get renewed next year or the program might not continue after Pnoy's term. Hmm.

    1. Thank you! It was a really tough decision but at the end of the day I just wasn't happy as a nurse anymore.


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