Comfort Food

It's another rainy day in Zamboanga. It got me thinking about how nice it would be to just huddle up in bed under my thick warm blanket and just be lazy. How I wish I could but today is also "errands" day before the weekend hits us so I had to haul my butt off to several banks to finish transactions. While on the way to the bank I started thinking about one word. COMFORT.

What brings you comfort? Lots of people would say a hug from their loved one, an extra hour of sleep, a warm cup of coffee, a foot spa session, an hour or two of body massage and a lot of other things... Personally, one of the things that give me comfort is FOOD. Hence the term, "comfort food". Today I'd like to share some of the comfort food that really hits the spot. *smiles*

 photo 23163775_928746260597354_443354934_n_zpslunrdrkz.jpg

L-R : Chowking's Beef Mami, Sugar & Ice's Ice Cream Cakes, Isaw & BBQ sa Pasonanca, Pancit Canton, Pork Siomai, Nestea Milk Tea, Mama's Homemade Pork BBQ & Longaniza, Rosemary Roasted Chicken, French Fries, Strawberry Icecream, Jumbo Cheese Sticks, Big Ben's La Parola Boodle Fight Meal, KFC Chicken Teriyaki Shots, Satti, & Ikea's Meatballs!

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