Say hello to my new hair! Finally. I had enough balls to push through with it and it all happened last Wednesday. I’ve been planning a change in hair color for forever but I was (a.) too busy, (b.) too lazy & (c.) too scared to actually go through with it. I happen to have natural dark brown hair that sometimes looks like it has light brown highlights due to intense sun exposure when I was younger. Over the years my dark brown hair went through loads of de-virginizing stuff. Prior to getting my new hair color, I used to have “milk tea brown” hair. Now I have an awesome “revlon colorsilk luminista 150 red” shade.

I've already posted something related to my hair transformation on my other blog, so I won't really go into details anymore. I'll just leave you guys with two more shots of my new hair.

I'll update you guys on my next hair experiment! <3

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