Not So Secret Obsession : Falsies!

Two days ago I finally received my package from BAff. I was super excited because I knew exactly what was inside this particular package. Unlike the other packages, which were sponsored, I paid for all the items with my own $$$. As I tore at the LBC packaging, I heard that familiar "pop" of bubble wrap rubbing against bubble wrap and felt my heart beat slightly faster. When I finally got to the actual products, I couldn't help but smile. There they were. My new babies.

One of my not so secret obsessions are false eyelashes. Most of the time, people refer to them as falsies. I don't really use falsies on a daily basis but I do like to spice up my eyes on important occasions and when I film makeup tutorials. I have short lashes with a lil "curl" at the end. With a lil help from my eyelash curler and mascara, my lashes come to life but with falsies added, my lashes steal the spotlight!

It's quite difficult to purchase false eyelashes in Zamboanga as not many beauty stalls carry them readily. On the rare occasion that I do find falsies, I usually don't like the design or how thick the band is. I'm glad I found BAff online and have partnered up with them. Soon I shall also be selling falsies like the ones in the photo above. I got a total of seven packaged lashes. Four that come in three pairs each and three boxes that contain ten pairs each. I plan to do a review on each style so for now all I'll be doing is giving your dears a short run down on each style.

The first set of lashes I received are from Meixiuxi Eyelash in #026. I got two packs of this particular style because right off the bat I fell in love with them. I love how thick they are and how they are styled to give off a cat-eye shape to your eyes.

Next I got this set in #077 which are also from Meixiuxi Eyelash. This particular style leans towards giving more length to your lashes. They have this nice crisscross pattern which I find quite interesting.

Last set I got from Meixuixi Eyelash happens to be the one in #032. This style comes of spiky and space apart. Most probably to add density to your natural lashes. I'd you're the edgy type, you could probably rock these lashes on a daily basis.

Moving onto the three boxes of lashes I got... Each box contains 10 pairs of lashes. These are great for makeup artists who have lotsa gigs/job orders, not to mention makeup gurus who use lotsa lashes for their makeup tutorials! Unfortunately the brand name is printed in chinese characters so I can't say what brand this is. I'll just be giving the numbers then.

This first box is in #188. The lashes are shorter than most of the other lashes I got. These are perfect for everyday use. With a lil maneuvering around, you'll eventually get the hang of placing these babies near your natural lash line and I have a great feeling they'll blend into your natural lashes but still give you that extra *oomph!*...

The second box I got is the #005. These lashes are pretty long and length and volume to your lashes. I can imagine stacking two or three pairs for that gyaru or ulzangg makeup tutorials I have planned out... I'd even use this out on regular days at the mall. Seriously!

The last box I got come in the #807. I know these babies look super similar to the #005's. That's because they are! The only difference I can really detect is that these lashes are a lil darker and thicker than the 005's. Plus they sort of "wing out" at the end to give that illusion of a "cat's eye". I smell a "pin-up girl makeup tutorial" on its way... :)

Before I forget the people running BAff were so kind to send me this freebie. It's a clay pen which were great hits last year and is still around this year. I find this really thoughtful of them.

Soon I'll be announcing the prizes of these lashes when they go for sale on my facebook account. I promise it won't be more than P200/box! I'm pretty excited for it...

Questions for my readers:
1. Do you wear falsies?
2. How do you find them?
3. When do you usually wear falsies?

For my MALE readers:
1. Do you like seeing girls with falsies on?
2. Can you usually detect when a girl has falsies on? 


  1. When I'm too tired to "fix" myself, I use falsies to instantly brighten my look. I prefer the single ones though because they look more natural. If I have to use whole falsies, I usually cut them into two because most of them are either too big or too lengthy for my eyes. The ones you bought look so promising. I'm a new follower as well.:))



  2. So many falsies!!! I want!!! Yes I do wear falsies and they really make a difference to the face! :D :D :D I wear them when I have the time to put them on, which is only on special occasions :D

    Make a review! :P

  3. As much as I like to have that full lashes look to open up my chinese eyes, I'm so lazy to put them on. Save for cosplays :) I like the 188..

  4. i love the idea of putting falsies pero madaling sumakit ang mata ko eh. like kahit eyeshadow lang, parang nabibigatan na ako :(

  5. No, no, and I only wear em to fashion shows or events. Haha! But I like this post.. Makes me wanna use em more often! :)

  6. I really really want falsies jannie! I just don't how to use it! I envy girls who used falsies and looks good on them >< Soon imma experiment myself and learn how to put those falsies! <3

  7. hahaha.. daming falsies ah :P

    1. Do you wear falsies? Yes. kahit on normal days.. I wear those natural looking falsies lng din naman :)

    2. How do you find them? comfy but weird at times. XD

    3. When do you usually wear falsies? whenever I feel like wearing one :)

  8. sweet! false lashes! I've been eyeing false lashes now a days. haha! though, I think having one is useless for me. since I don't wear make up only for occasions only xD

  9. Ain't no secret huh. :P

    1. Do you like seeing girls with falsies on?
    -I more like seeing girls with natural eyes. Real, natural-natural eyes.
    2. Can you usually detect when a girl has falsies on?

  10. love the falsies sobrang dami! i usually don't wear falsies sis.. nagpapa eyelash ext na ako para not hassle for me.. haha ako na ang tamad.


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