Sneak Peek : GEO WMM504

I got a package in the mail today and it turned out to be one of the most anticipated packages ever. I've been waiting for this baby for what feels like forever. I've been looking forward to this particular package even more than my makeup purchases.

This particular package just happens to contain my sponsored lenses from Jhia of Red Jhelli Shop. I'm sure I've mentioned the shop before. I'm currently an affiliate of the said shop. I'm really excited to do a review on this particular pair of lenses from GEO. For now, I'll just be posting a sneak peek.

I received the lenses via Air21. Jhia was sweet enough to also send me a little something extra!

All lenses from Red Jhelli Shop come in these adorable paper packaging with their cutesy logo printed on both sides. See how she even wrote my name on the side? I appreciate it when people call me Jannie. As you can see the lenses are really nicely packed in bubble wrap. Jhia also sent me a very adorable coin purse. I'm definitely going to use it soon.

I'll be working on the official review for this very soon so watch out for it!
Again, thank you to Jhia of Red Jhelli Shop for sponsoring this pair of lenses.


  1. looking forward to this review. hehehe.. ako naman pinagsawaan na ang lens review. nyahahahaha.. tambak tambak na kase.. di ko lam kung alin unahin.. hindi ko rin naman siya nagagamit everyday o__O sayang tuloy :(

  2. I got mine last month and haven't got the chance to write a review about it >.< Besides being busy, I had an order from my doctor to not wear lenses for a while :|

  3. I'm not a big contacts wearer but I can't wait to see how these will look! :)


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