Updates!(Warning, RANTING Will Happen)

I've been sick the past few days and I don't really have anything much to blog about. I've been feeling uninspired and a little lost. I know my blog's supposed to be about makeup & beauty but allow me to rant.
I hate being sick. The depression gets the opportunity to set in and I hate it when that happens.
Plus being "lost" happens to be one of the most miserable feelings you can experience.

A lot of people look at my blog and think it's all happy stuff but I'm human too. I go through the same motions everyday. I get hurt, I get sad, I feel things... Sometimes it can get too much but despite that, I do try my best to stay positive.

Thus instead of ranting on and on about sad things, I decided that it's probably best to post updates in bulleted form! :)

  • I've announced my February 2012 giveaway winner here.
  • I'll be posting the mechanics to my March 2012 giveaway soon. Probably on the 7th.
  • I've received mail from KKCenterHK again. Excited for the next batch of sponsored lashes.
  • I've also received my sponsored items from BEAUTY COSMETICS. Watch out for the reviews on one of their best sellers, the flat top brush & 120 V3 Palette.
  • I've been offered a little something and I'm super excited to share this SCENTsational news when all the details are cleared.
  • I'll be having a new batch of cosmetics for sale soon.
  • Looking forward to buying more fishies with the boyf. More mickey mouse platys! <3

So far that's all. Will be leaving you with a version of one of my favorite love songs...


  1. There are those times that I feel so bad too that I can't help but cry. Whenever I feel "lost", I make sure that I give time for myself to reflect and talk to Him. It's the best cure in my opinion. :) God bless sis! and goodluck with your upcoming reviews! Be strong! God is there! :) He will never give up on you.

  2. I love that song too :3 And aww same here just try to be happy so no one else would be sad too :)

  3. Aww. Kagagaling ko lang din sa sakit. Drink a lot of water and have some rest.

    Anyway, I am excited for your next giveaway. I hope I could join. :))

    Congrats for another sponsorship! Buti ka pa! :)

  4. Dear Lord. Ingrid Michaelson, such pleasantries to my ears. I just love her so much!


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