Thank You, MicMic's Corner!

A couple of days ago, I joined MicMic's Corner's 1st Blog Anniversary Giveaway and she finally announced the winner. Guess what? I nabbed the consolation prize. Me! Me of all people! I'm pretty unlucky with giveaways and barely ever win any so I was ecstatic to learn that I won here giveaway's consolation prize.

My prize came in the mail today and they're all awesome. I received 25 pieces of sample packs. These sample packs are of different Korean beauty & skin care products. Most of the stuff I've already heard of like ones from Skin Food, Liole, Tony Moly, Etude House & Skin79.

I'm really excited about these samples. I'm a huge fan of samples since it saves you the heartbreak (and empty wallet) if ever the product doesn't work well for you. *LOL* I probably won't keep all of these especially the ones that come in doubles... Some will go to my sister for sure! The rest? Hmmmm. How about including them in my next giveaway?

For now, I'll leave you guys with a photo of my cute prizes. :)


BB Cream, Anyone?

My first encounter with the BB cream phase was at 19 years old (take note I'm 21 now). My first ever BB cream was the Ecorre "artist" BB cream which worked splendidly on me but after 1 tube at P950 + shipping, I gave up and tried to look for other BB creams to try out.

Fast forward to when I was 20. I had stumbled upon more Korean BB creams like the ones from Missha (that broke me out horribly), Skin79 (that had an ugly gray-white cast), Skinfood (which cost me $$$ again) and even some from Maybelline which matched me better than the rest but still had pretty bad staying power and coverage.

Now at 21 years old, I had given up on BB cream and decided it's something to be left to the Koreans of really really intensely fair girls who had almost perfect skin and didn't need much coverage. It seemed to me that BB cream wasn't for someone like me who bordered on the combi-oily skin type and was stuck between NC35-NC40 at times. No, BB cream wasn't for me... Or so I thought!

About a week ago I was browsing thru YouTube when I stumbled upon an update that one of my favorite gurus had uploaded a new video. Ate NOE of Colorismyweapon has played a huge role in my love for makeup alongside other Filipina makeup gurus. One of the things I learned from Ate Noe is how to fill in my brows and I still get a lot of compliments on them! *wink* Now going back to her video... It was a review (+giveaway) on this BB cream that was sent to her by Ate Aila.

 The BB cream happens to be the Encara Perfect Cover Blemish Balm. While watching Ate Noe's video, I was just astounded at the actual product so I went ahead to read more about it on her blog post. I kept thinking that a product that great must cost a lot but lo and behold...

Miss Aila's page banner.
Ate Aila is selling it for only P499. I knew I just had to try this out. Even with shipping it still cost a lot less than other Korean BB creams I tried in the past.

Well I received my BB cream a few days ago and have been using it since. I'll reserve an in depth review for when I've been using it for at least 2 weeks so watch out for it. For now, I'll leave you guys with a few product photos...

Excited for my review yet? *LOL*

Questions for my lovely readers:
Do you use BB cream?
What brand?
Do you like it? Would you recommend it?

Will wait for your answers dears! Catch you guys soon!


Giveaway Time : JANNIEOLOGY X EazyFashion

Another giveaway for my lovely readers!

Are you constantly lemming for Asian fashion items? Do you keep adding kawaii stuff on your wish list? Do you spend at least an hour a day scourging the internet for great deals/discounts before purchasing Korean/Japanese fashion accessories and apparels? Well this giveaway is God sent because I have teamed up with the lovely people at Eazy Fashion to bring you lovely readers this super awesome giveaway!

One (1) lucky Philippine based winner will be receiving the following goodies!

1 pair Fluttering Butterflies Dangling Earrings - Click HERE for better view.

1 Pearl Leather Long Necklace - Click HERE for better view.

1 Desire Haze Tassel Necklace - Click HERE for better view.

1 Emily 7pc Brush Set with Leather Case - Click HERE for better view.

So how can you grab these goodies from Eazy Fashion? Well it's super "eazy"! Accomplish all the needed tasks on the Rafflecopter app and you're one step close to nabbing these awesome prizes!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

LASTLY! One of the MOST IMPORTANT steps to join this giveaway...
Click on the following links below and comment down on the comment box which one would you really like to receive and why. Include your name & email address. Clicking on the link is important as it will be included in your entry.

Link1 | Link2 | Link3 | Link4

Ends June 04, 2012.
I will be announcing the winner on June 05,2012 so keep on coming back to check if you're the lucky reader who won! Good luck everybody and enjoy!


Saturday Shop Alert : Chimera Online

It's Saturday again and you all know what that means... Saturday Shop Alert time!
Today I'm featuring Chimera Online Shop, a web based shop run by two lovely ladies that are fashion savvy and updated on the latest trends. Read on to know more about the shop an what they offer...

1-a. Tell us something about the person/s behind the shop.
Kaye (aka Shae Krizia V. Romualdo) and Keyt (aka Lillian Kate C. Diso) started Chimera On Line Shop with the vision to be Eco Friendly through Reinventing and Recreating. Kaye is a Registered Nurse who ventured into her passion as an entrepreneur to solve her unemployment while Keyt is now a Registered Architect who is an On Line Seller at Multiply for about 6 years now. We are childhood friends with same passion for fashion and everything else in between. Keyt is an artistic person who is mostly responsible for Photography, Styling, Production of Eco- Friendly items while Kaye used her PR skills in Sales, Marketing, Product Research, Styling, and HMU. Together, we make an amazing duo perking up our sales and garnering more patrons in just about 6 months of business in Facebook and 7 months of business in Multiply.

1-b. Tell us something about the shop. What it offers etc.
We started purely as an Eco Friendly Shop showcasing Revamped Clothes, Upcycled Accessories, Eco friendly Shoes and Bags. Recently, we perked up our sales by featuring hit and trendy quality products at very affordable and reasonable price.

2. When did you start the business and what inspired you to do so?
Conceptualizing the Shop started in August 2011 where Kaye and Keyt are both unemployed and wanted to earn to help our family. Kaye, with an Eco- Friendly background which she acquired when she started working at EcoOasis in KL, Malaysia, came up with this crazy idea to revamp and reinvent old clothes to make it trendy to move away from the usual preloved collection. Keyt, with her skills and creativity, made this plan into action. We also made accessories from Keyt's pile of beads (she was a "retired" jewelry maker that time). We make researches using the Internet for DIY items and trendy items to keep our products "Stylish". We were also inspired by other on line shops who makes Look books and advertises their photography/ hair, make up, and styling abilities so we also made our own featuring these products. Keyt is the photographer, while Kaye is the stylist and one of the models.

3. What are your "shop" goals for 2012?
Our goal for 2012 is to make Chimera On Line Shop popular and gain many sales as possible because of our future plans-- Kaye wants to save money to use in pursuing Medicine while Keyt needs extra income to support her family, Yes we are ordinary people with same hopes and dreams like anybody. But unlike some, we solve unemployment by using our talents and skills to make a living.

Random Question : Show us your favorite go-to accessory and tell us why you love it.
Right now, we love the BRAIDS! We made our very own Braids collections because we are crazy and drooling over it, and we will be giving away some of it for FREE! :)

Barefootsies - great for when you're strolling on sandy beaches...

More of Chimera's barefootsies!

Wrist candy.

Lovely wrist piece.

To spice up your fingers!

Hoop de loops!

So there you go guys... What are you waiting for?
Go visit Chimera Online Shop for more hand made goodies!


Review : Gluta-Strawberry Milk Bar

I'll have to admit, I've always had this slight obsession with skin whitening.
Right around the time I started high school, I got more insecure about the color of my skin because I felt that I wasn't fair enough. Truth be told I've always been afraid of being tagged with the endless "insults" that come from having darker skin. So as early as high school, I was on the lookout for whitening products that actually work.

By the time I got to college, I had "evened" out a bit and I became fairer than when I was younger. I thank "kojic" soap for the whitening but then it became a little too expensive for me to maintain plus since I was starting to have duty in the hospitals, I immediately switched to Safeguard because of of the notion that it would leave me 99% bacteria/germ free. 

So anyway, now that I'm at the hospital a little less, I've restarted the hunt for my holy grail whitening product. I was browsing thru the internet one day when *poof* I stumbled upon Flawless Beauty Online. Now, I've been hearing a lot about FBO's beauty products so I decided to message the owner and Lei was nice enough to answer all my queries. In the end of it all, she even ended up becoming one of my sponsors for my Big Birthday Blowout giveaway I had last month.

I still wasn't sure about which product I'd be purchasing so I told her I'd order next time. Little did I know that a pretty surprise would be coming my way thru her little package of goodies for my giveaway. Miss Lei was sweet enough to send me my own bar of one of her new beauty soaps for review purposes - the GLUTA STRAWBERRY MILK BAR.

Little details ALWAYS count. Always.
I received my own full sized bar of the gluta strawberry milk bar along with a sample cut of the arbuting whitening soap. I was super excited to start using it right away. I knew for a fact that beauty soaps from FBO didn't contain any harsh preservatives hence it would melt easily but despite that, I decided to experiment and didn't bother cutting the soap into pieces. I used the bar as is and enjoyed every minute of it. It lasted me a week. *LOL*

Since I loved it so much, I decided to order 250grams of SCRAP soap (cut up pieces) and now it's been more than a week since I got my scrap soaps. Definitely time for a review of the soap as a whole. :)

Received the package with this tag. <3
The actual soap bar. Cute pink packaging!
Shipping / Packaging : 
My first bar of gluta strawberry soap came with a pink ribbon wrapped around it and a small shop tag with a short note. My second order of scraps came in a small plastic bag with a pink ribbon tied to it. I loved the fact that Miss Lei included a short and simple note, it shows she cares about her buyers and also the people she send products for review purposes. Shipping was a breeze too! She uses JRS.

Design : 
The actual soap bar is white with a pink marbling. It's super cute and looks really dainty. It actually looks good enough to it. The soap also comes wrapped in it's own protective plastic sheet and has product info on a cardboard-like material around it. Also it has "flawless beauty" stamped/etched into the actual soap bar. Really cool, in my opinion. I think what added to the glamour of this bar are the little details put into it as part of marketing the product. The little details definitely count! 

Scent / Whitening : 
I'm in love with the scent. It smells like milk and strawberries. It's a very clean and crisp scent. The kind I really favor. I think the number one reason I love the soap is its scent. It something that I like smelling on my skin. Whenever I use the soap I get a lot of compliments that my skin smells really good. It's sort of "yummy" in a sense. As for its whitening I really can't say if there is much of a difference. I've been using it for about a little over two weeks. Some people have commented that I'm fairer but I don't really think so. I'll reserve further comments on its whitening properties when I've used the soap for a longer period of time.

Overall : 
Overall I'd like to keep using this soap. I'd definitely repurchase it since it only costs P130/bar! I'm in love with the scent and how it lathers beautifully on my skin. Even if it doesn't make me fairer, I'd still but this soap because it has a mild but effective exfoliating action and makes me skin really soft and smooth. I'd recommend everyone to give this soap a shot. It may not look like much to most, especially comparing it to other high end whitening soaps, but it has no harmful chemicals mixed into it plus it's also locally made. "Sariling Atin". I'm giving this product 5/5 stars because I genuinely love this product.

Additional info at the back... Manufactured in Bongao,Tawi-Tawi!
It's not clear in the photo but FLAWLESS BEAUTY is "stamped" onto the soap bar.

I also made a video for you guys! Please go watch for your enjoyment.

Disclaimer : First bar of soap was sent for review purposes by FlawlessBeautyOnline but I personally purchased the scrap soaps. All opinions/thoughts are my own.


Review : KaiFragrances

Are you a perfume freak? Well, I'm not. Honestly, it's a pretty "off" thing if you give me perfumes for my birthday or Christmas or other special occasions because I'm extremely sensitive to scents.
When I started dating my boyfie, I told him straight up that his perfume was too strong for my poor nose. He had to adjust big time! *LOL* But anyway, there still are some scents that I can tolerate and recently I've been "collecting" new scents. They are mostly light & floral scents. Sort of the kind that reminds you of spring, forever.

Moving on... The other day Ate Kai of KaiFragrances and I met up to do a lil "swap". I'm sponsoring a giveaway on her blog (watch out for it) and she gave me a full size bottle of one of her scents from her own perfume line. She gave me the Le Ange (the angel) scent. When I asked her, the scent was inspired by one of Estee Lauder's scents...

Comes in a white box with Kai's intricate logo.
Actual bottle.
Packaging : 
I received my bottle in a white box with Kai's sticker logo in the front. It seems like a sturdy enough box but I would have liked it better if the scent were printed on top of even on the front of the box. Why? Well, because I know for a fact that some people like to keep their perfume bottles inside the original packaging. It would be so much easier with the name/s printed in front. As for me, I chucked the box into the trash bin because I like displaying my perfume bottles out of their boxes.

Design : 
Despite the lack of the name on the box, the scent's name is stuck to the actual perfume bottle. I love the intricate design of the logo. It features little angels since the scent is "Le Ange". The only sad thing is that the printing came off. It sort of rubbed off the sticker. Maybe it's something caused by the printing quality? Not sure.

Scent : 
Since I'm not a huge fan of perfumes, I was a little skeptical about the scent at first. Honestly, I was a little scared to even take a whiff because it might be really strong and my poor nose would suffer. *LOL* Eventually I got around to spritzing it on my wrist and a took a whiff. Surprisingly it's a really clean scent. It's not something I've had before. I'm not sure it's the type I'd wear on a daily basis, but it's more of the kind I'd like to spritz all over before heading out at night for a family dinner or something. The only downside to it really is that the longer it stayed on my skin, it sort of changed in terms of how it smelt like. Maybe it's because I'm overly acidic and my sweat mixed in with the perfume. *Pfft*

Overall : 
Overall I'd like to keep using this scent and keep its bottle to add to my growing collection of perfumes. Maybe one of these days I'd even want to purchase another scent from Ate Kai.

You may check out and purchase Kai's fragrances by visiting this page.

Close up of the perfume label.
I stuck the label from the box to the backside of the perfume bottle.

Hope you guys liked this little review. Tell me, what is YOUR ultimate favorite scent? :D

Disclaimer : This product was generously sponsored by Kai Grafia for review purposes however all opinions expressed in this post are purely the blogger's own.


My New Sunnies, Finally!

There are some things I rarely do. One is buy sunnies (sunglasses) and the other is actually joining giveaways. I'm not the luckiest person in the world but when Ate Kai of KaiGrafia hosted a giveaway by Firmoo where you had the chance to win a pair of sunnies/glasses of your choice, I was sold! I've been meaning to get a new pair of sunnies since it's summer and if I want to protect my eyes from the Singapore heat (upcoming vacation), I really needed a pair. So I joined and prayed to God I won a slot (20 people could win!).

And guess what? For the first time, in a long time, I actually won a slot! When I read the blog post announcing the winner, I had to read it twice just to make sure my name was actually on the list. After the initial shock died down, I messaged Ate Kai with the needed details and waited for my sunnies to arrive.

Finally it did! Yesterday my grandmother received my package at her workplace and she called me up to inform me about it. I was excited and decided to drop by the office to pick it up. I even took photos. Sorry if they sort of are low quality. I didn't bring my camera so I had to settle for my iPhone's camera which sucks at times.

Of all of Firmoo's sunnies, I settled for the one that really caught my eye. The "OTO2543" fall under the women's full frame wrap-around sunglasses category and believe me, it was love at first sight! I loved the large angular shape of the sunnies plus the lovely silver detailing on the arms. They're clean cut and really lightweight. I'll definitely be doing a more in depth review of these babies soon.

How about you guys? Have you tried Firmoo's sunnies yet? :)

Giveaway Time : Hoshi Girl's Birthday Giveaway!

Yes, yes, it's another giveaway. I just couldn't resist! Take a look at these super cute prizes at stake!

A fellow blogger, Gel of HoshiGirl, is turning 24 on the 25th of May (yey! another May baby like me) and has this wonderful birthday giveaway going on. To learn how to get a chance at nabbing one of the super cute loot of stuff, check her post here. Good luck everyone!

Giveaway Time : Giveaway Alert: Micmic's Corner 1st Anniversary Giveaway!

Great news everyone! Giveaway alert time again!

Michelle of Micmic's Corner is celebrating her 1st year blogversarry by hosting a giveaway!
1 lucky winner has the chance to win a lot of Korean beauty products. I know I'd like to win, do you? Try your luck by visiting her blog and read more about how to win these fabulous goodies!

Giveaway ends on May 26, 2012 and is for Philippine based followers only.
Good luck to us!


Saturday Shop Alert : Skye Avenue

Welcome to another Saturday Shop Alert post. This time I'm featuring a shop I first stumbled upon back during my "Multiply" days. I used to be quite an active shopper on Multiply before it got a little too complicated for me. Anyway, this shop definitely caught my eye because of some Korean makeup products that were readily available at the shop.

So what shop am I talking about? Well, it's none other that Skye Avenue!
Miss Dee Tan
The above photo is of the lovely Dee Tan, owner of Skye Avenue. Read on to get to know more about the shop and Miss Dee.

1-a. Tell us something about the person behind the shop.
The person behind Skye Avenue is Dianne Tan (aka Dee Tan), a 26 year old online entrepreneur who graduated from an IT course in De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde. She has worked as an IT consultant in one of the well known IT companies in Makati for 2 years. 

Working in a corporate world was one of her main goals after graduation but after a year of working, she discovered what she really love to do - to be an entrepreneur. So she decided to leave the corporate world and move to a more focused career path of her own.

1-b. Tell us something about the shop. What it offers etc.
Skye Avenue started out as an online shop that caters to everything and anything under the sun. Back then, I couldn't make up my mind as to which products I will market that is why my online shop's name doesn't point to a specific category of what I sell. 

The first few products that I offered were authentic slimming products and ultimate gaming cards for Facebook and MySpace games. For the first few months of online selling, I just had a handful of clients -- 3 clients in January 2010, 5 clients in February 2010, 15 clients in March then 94 clients in April and so on. I was so amazed on how my online shop grew. 

As the number of clients grew, I tried to look for more products that clients might be interested in. I added fashion accessories, couple shirts, korean cosmetics and Cyleina organic soaps. Vintage necklaces and couple shirts were selling like hot pancakes back then but sad to say it lasted for a couple of months only. So I tried to search for more promising products, I found Strip IT! Sugaring waxings kits. I saw the big potential of their products that I immediately applied for a distributorship in my area. The sugaring kits, body butter and whitening body scrubs became my best sellers. 

Being a girl who's addicted to buying a lot of makeups, I joined NYX Cosmetics craze. From the first time I tried it, I immediately fell in love with this makeup brand. So I couldn't help but to make this brand available to my online store and made sure that I made it affordable for everyone. 

This year as I was looking for good skin care products that would be best for my skin, I found KRAVE Minerale Organics and Cosmeceuticals. It is because that I believe so much in Krave's products, that I wanted to share it with my clients and friends; I, then applied for distributorship and was so lucky to get accepted.

2. When did you start the business and what inspired you to do so?
 Skye Avenue online shop was created in the late 2009. At first, it was just a trial. I just offered things that I think other people might be interested in. I just had a few clients back then and I started doing meetups around my work place. On January 2010, my family was migrating to another country but my sister and I was left here in the Philippines because of the age limit. I was feeling really down that time because for the first time in my life, I will be away from my family. So I diverted my attention and pursed my online selling business, and it is still doing very well.

3. What are your "shop" goals for 2012?
 Every year, my online shop's goal is to search and offer more interesting products to my clients and potential clients. I think I have already reached my goal early this year by offering Krave Minerale Organics and Cosmeceuticals. I also have a surprise to my clients this year, Skye Avenue will be carrying the UK brand, Miners cosmetics starting late April or early May. 

Keeping my clients happy and satisfied is a mission, that is why my goal is growing each day.

Random Question : Would you rather be a beauty product or an accessory (jewelry)? Why?
While both beauty product and an accessory (jewerly) when worn can make a person more attractive, I'd rather be a beauty product. Why? Beauty products most especially skin care products can enhance a person's beauty even if it is not worn plus it could give long lasting effects.

Check out some products they offer:

Don't forget to visit Skye Avenue to check out all their albums for more of their items!


Back 2 School Sale : Makeup!

Hello my lovely readers! I have a surprise for you guys!!!

My beloved "go-to" beauty shop (online) is having a "major major" sale with 25% off marked price to celebrate the nearing of school days! How cool is that? I've been buying from Beauty's Treasure for such a long time now so I can vouch that her products are legit. So, what are you waiting for? Go visit her online shop to check out what products are on SALE!

Personally, the following are my top picks for stuff to purchase. Now all I need is the actual money to buy these babies! *LOL*
NYX Pore Filler from P685 to P513.

NYX Shine Killer from P685 to P513.
NYX Highlight & Contour Powder from P550 to P412.
NYX Eyeshadow Base (White) from P360 to P270.

NYX S118 Box of Eyeshadows from P1800 to P1350.

NYX Butt Naked Eyes Palette from P1500 to P1125.

So there goes my top picks for this sale. Remember that the sale starts today, May 18, 2012 and will end on May 20, 2012. Happy shopping my dears!

DISCLAIMER : I wasn't paid to advertise this sale. This is my way of sharing "good news" with all my lovely readers on where they can nab the best deals happening at the moment.