BB Cream, Anyone?

My first encounter with the BB cream phase was at 19 years old (take note I'm 21 now). My first ever BB cream was the Ecorre "artist" BB cream which worked splendidly on me but after 1 tube at P950 + shipping, I gave up and tried to look for other BB creams to try out.

Fast forward to when I was 20. I had stumbled upon more Korean BB creams like the ones from Missha (that broke me out horribly), Skin79 (that had an ugly gray-white cast), Skinfood (which cost me $$$ again) and even some from Maybelline which matched me better than the rest but still had pretty bad staying power and coverage.

Now at 21 years old, I had given up on BB cream and decided it's something to be left to the Koreans of really really intensely fair girls who had almost perfect skin and didn't need much coverage. It seemed to me that BB cream wasn't for someone like me who bordered on the combi-oily skin type and was stuck between NC35-NC40 at times. No, BB cream wasn't for me... Or so I thought!

About a week ago I was browsing thru YouTube when I stumbled upon an update that one of my favorite gurus had uploaded a new video. Ate NOE of Colorismyweapon has played a huge role in my love for makeup alongside other Filipina makeup gurus. One of the things I learned from Ate Noe is how to fill in my brows and I still get a lot of compliments on them! *wink* Now going back to her video... It was a review (+giveaway) on this BB cream that was sent to her by Ate Aila.

 The BB cream happens to be the Encara Perfect Cover Blemish Balm. While watching Ate Noe's video, I was just astounded at the actual product so I went ahead to read more about it on her blog post. I kept thinking that a product that great must cost a lot but lo and behold...

Miss Aila's page banner.
Ate Aila is selling it for only P499. I knew I just had to try this out. Even with shipping it still cost a lot less than other Korean BB creams I tried in the past.

Well I received my BB cream a few days ago and have been using it since. I'll reserve an in depth review for when I've been using it for at least 2 weeks so watch out for it. For now, I'll leave you guys with a few product photos...

Excited for my review yet? *LOL*

Questions for my lovely readers:
Do you use BB cream?
What brand?
Do you like it? Would you recommend it?

Will wait for your answers dears! Catch you guys soon!


  1. Go for total review! Haha. NC 37 ako e. So this must work for me :P

  2. Hello sis!!~ thanks for sharing this though.. Finding a perfect BB cream for our skin is not that easy.. I've already tried a lot and so far, it's only Missha who works perfectly fine :(( Lioele's waterdrop is also nice..


  3. I am inlove with my current BB Cream from Skin79! :) Contrary to what you said, it didn't break me out at all :) But I would love to try that Encara BB Cream :)

  4. Wee! Thanks for this intro post! Can't wait for your in depth review. I'll be posting mine very soon. I've got lots of inputs rin kasi since I've been using Encara BB Cream na for 2 years. Hope you are loving it so far. =)
    Makeup and My World

  5. Cool! My first bb cream was encore. It was great :)
    Then I changed to Missha (the one I bought from you) I loved it! So sulit 'cause it lasted me over a year even if I used it every day.
    I ran out but didn't have the money to buy a new one so I bought the one from Maybelline. It's so small so I thought it'd last me 3 months lang but I'm still using it now. I bought it mga August 2011 and there's still a little bit left

    Can't wait for the in depth review! This bb cream sounds interesting :D

  6. I love the Missha M BB 'Vite'. It doesn't leave me too oily compared to the one in the red package. I tried using 'Moist Labo' aaand I think you'll like it too for it doesn't have that grayish color unlike almost all of BB creams aaand it's like foundation really.. BUT it's BB cream. It lasts pretty long too but there aren't many shades.. I think. It has two kinds though. You do not want to get the one with the sparkles! Oh nooo..

  7. That BB cream is pretty affordable and looks promising
    Looking forward to your full review <3

    1. YES
    2. I am currently using LEGERE BB cream and lovin' it
    3. Yupp, I highly recommend it too <3
    Stay tuned for my review too hihi ^ ^


  8. Please do a review soon. Looking to purchase this is it's a good product. I gave up on Maybelline after giving it 2 chances. Korean products doesn't work well on my skin, so I hope this brand will work.

    -Miss April :)


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