Review : Aura Xeryl Natural's Flirty White Secret Soap

Hello my lovely readers! Sorry for the long delay in posting. I just got back "home", my second home that is. The flight back home to Singapore was horrible but that's an entirely different story. My post today is going to be another review for a product generously sent to me by Estilo Libre.

This is the Aura Xeryl Natural's Flirty White Secret Soap... with PHEROMONES!
Before I go on to my actual review, here are some excerpts I got off the Estilo Libre page talking about this wonderful soap.

"A blast of brilliance for tired skin. An instant visual flaw-softening, whitening, a mild scrub away. 
Have you ever wondered how some people seem to get "lucky" more often than others? Or have you seen a couple just "hit it off" right away after meeting for the first time? Some people call it "great chemistry" but we know that part of what makes up this sensuous attraction t
o the opposite sex is pheromones. Balanced cleansing and moisturization—thoroughly cleanses skin without stripping its natural oils, preventing irritation and dryness. Be the main attraction with this white luminizing and luxurious creamy butter soap, scented with sumptuous notes of almond, honey and vanilla. It's the only body butter infused with a white secret weapon; a powerful pheromone designed to make you irresistible to the opposite sex!"

Shipping / Shop Packaging : 
I received this soap, along with other goodies the day after I was informed that it had been shipped out. All my goodies, and most especially this soap was wrapped in individual pouches of bubble wrap to keep them safe and sound.

Pricing : 
120-135grams of product for P188 only? For me that's quite a deal especially since the soap lasts a long time and works well. I think it's rather affordable compared to other soaps that go as high as P200. I did receive this for free but when I run out, I'd surely repurchase this at its current price.

Design / Effectiveness / Scent : 
I gave this soap a 5/5 for design, effectiveness and scent because I truly do love this soap as much as I loved my Gluta Strawberry Milk Bar. I love the bumps on the soap that make the soap nice to massage on the body. These bumps actually soothe my aching muscles as I scrub away. Plus this soap is an exfoliant so at the end of my bath my skin feels really soft and smooth. The smell is also another reason why I love the soap so much... It is unlike anything I've smelt before but it reminds me of raw honey and vanilla. Now I'm not a huge vanilla fan but the smell isn't as overpowering as other vanilla scented soaps... Also I noticed that I did get a tad bit fairer compared to the time I first started using this soap. I'm not really into it for the whitening effect but more on the exfoliating effect this soap gives.

Overall : 
Overall I really love this soap and I do suggest you to try it out yourself. It lasts a pretty decent time and smells great. It leaves you with fairer, smoother & softer skin. What else could you possibly want? If you're scared of an allergic reaction, try testing it out on a small patch of skin first. Just to be sure, but mind you, I have really sensitive skin and this gave me zero problems! I'm definitely going to be adding this to my growing list of "beauty soaps to love"...

Disclaimer : This product was generously sponsored by Estilo Libre for review purposes however all opinions expressed in this post are purely the blogger's own.


Giveaway Time : Jannieology X Elizabeth's Signatures

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Things To Look Forward To

Hi there lovelies! I'm back to share a couple of stuff I've received recently for review purposes. One of the perks of being a beauty blogger is that I get sent different items to test out and do reviews on. I'm super grateful to my dear sponsors. Watch out for in depth reviews on the following products!

Top-Bottom (clockwise) : Aloe Vera gel, Krave Cupine Aloepa Facial Wash, Strip It!, Krave Pretty Young Thin Face Contouring Powder, Red Berries Body Icing Blue Peel Butter Cream, Aura Xeryl Naturals Flirty White Secret Soap (not in photo). All these babies were sent to me by Estilo Libre. You can read more about Estilo Libre on this particular blog post.

Next are two pairs of circle lenses provided by my sweet lens fairy, Miss Jhia of Red Jhelli Shop. I received a pair of GEO lenses and a pair of EOS lenses. I'm super excited for the EOS ones since they happen to be my first ever pair of EOS lenses. Watch out for my review soon!

Also up for reviews are these body creams/lotions and beauty soap all sent to me by Mimi & Tofu. Super excited to try these out. I'm going to do a very in depth review on these babies and tell all of you how they work out for me. For now try checking out Mimi & Tofu on Facebook!

Lastly (for now) my second EOS lip balm in summer fruit from ComfortScents Online. My first ever EOS lip balm was in lemon drop and I never really got the chance to do a review on it so I'm pretty excited to share my review on this EOS lip balm since summer fruit is one of the more popular flavors...

That's it for now. I'll catch you lovely readers on my next post!


GWYSHOP Goodies!

Last month I received a lovely package from GWYSHOP.
Gwyshop is a Manila based online shop that sells circle lenses, cosplay wigs, wig accessories and most recently some beauty products. I was fortunate enough to receive three lip products to review and today I'll be sharing a sneak peek at each item. I'll reserve an in depth review on each item for future posts...

My package arrived inside this super cute paper bag with the Gwyshop logo on it. It also has other information about Gwyshop printed on the front and I think it's a spectacular way of showcasing your items. I believe that putting that extra effort in packaging your product will always have an impact on your buyers. Plus points!

Inside the package my products were wrapped in a lovely purple wrapping paper with a purple bow to hold everything together. Again, plus points for details!

Tons of bubble wrap ensured the safety of my products. Plus points yet again! I love the fact they took into consideration that it can get a little bumpy for the package that'll be delivered from Manila to lil ole Zamboanga!

Inside, after all the unwrapping, I received these babies! Three new lip products. If you've been following me for quite some time you'll know by now that I am a sucker for lip products! So I was ecstatic to have these new babies to play with.

First off is this Sibella Makeup Milano lipstick in 201-04. This is a lovely brown-red lipstick that's very pigmented. It is in a satin finish and is very moisturizing.

Next item I got is this Riveel Milano lipstick in the shade 04. It's a sheer peach orange lipstick that definitely has a shimmery finish. It's not as pigmented as the Sibella one but I love layering it over my NYX round lipstick in Pumpkin Pie to give it an extra boost of sheen.

Lastly I received this H&M lipgloss in Hot Pink. This is another sheer product that I'd recommend layering over any pink lipstick to add an extra *pow* to it. I like that this lipgloss isn't sticky on the lips and it also like the fact that it doesn't have the kind of glitter that's chunky and can leave your lips feeling gritty.

Swatches are on the photo above...
Hope you enjoyed this teaser-short review of my Gwyshop goodies. In depth reviews will be posted on each product soon!

Review : Cutey's Shamballa Bracelet in White

Sometime last month I received my very own Cutey Shamballa Bracelet in white for free from Cutey.Co.Uk You can read more about Cutey here. Anyway, I even posted a very short post about receiving my bracelet some time after. Now it's time for a more in depth review of this beautiful wrist candy that I've been using frequently...
Photo from site.
Photo from site.
Photo from site.
When worn.
Attention grabber!
Shipping / Shop Packaging : 
I received my bracelet secured in bubble wrap and a envelope type package about two weeks after Cutey admin contacted me. It was relatively fast shipping considering that I'm from the Philippines. I love the black and silver theme of their product tags and business card which were also included in the package. I was also sent a short note. You guys know how much I love short personal notes!

Pricing : 
The shamballa bracelet retails for £18.99 and that's equivalent to around $29.38. When converted that will amount to more or less P1200.00 and in my opinion that's rather pricey for a bracelet. I personally wouldn't purchase something this expensive because I couldn't afford it. It would definitely fall under a "gift" category for someone really special.

Design : 
The bracelet is made up of a total of 11 beads, 9 of which are encrusted with 84 crystals each. I love how refined it looks and it's sparkly enough to grab everyone's attention. I've been complimented on this bracelet a lot of times already. 

Overall : 
Overall I really love this bracelet. The price is somewhat a deal breaker but I'd definitely be wanting to receive more of this kind of wrist candy as gifts. I'd also be willing to save up the money to give this as a gift to someone special like my mum or my grandmother. It's a very classic piece that I believe could be as timeless as a little black dress. Definitely something every girl should have in her jewelry box!

Disclaimer : This product was generously sponsored by Cutey for review purposes however all opinions expressed in this post are purely the blogger's own.

Jannieology X Jailex Couture Giveaway : The Winner

Finally! The long wait has ended. Last June 01 I posted a review and giveaway on Krave's Oil Eliminator & Skin Hydrator that was sponsored by Jailex Couture. This particular giveaway got around 3000 + entries and now it's finally time to announce the winner...

Congratulations to:

You have 48 hours to contact me with your shipping details...
Failure to do so will automatically disqualify your from claiming the prize.
To everyone who joined, thank you so much!

More giveaways in store.


Saturday Shop Alert : Beauty's Treasure

About a year ago I had featured Beauty's Treasure on my old blog and I raved about how amazing this shop was. Well, my dears, it still is. Yes, I have branched out and bought several makeup stuff from different online shop but Beauty's Treasure remains my number 1 go-to shop... Plus the fact she's Zamboanga based makes it a whole lot easier for me too!

Beauty's Treasure is run by 30-something Eunz, a proud mother of 6 (one on the way!) with a very loving and supportive husband. She loves makeup and has recently branched out her "passion" to nail polishes. To quote, "I love trying out new things such as beauty creams, lashes, makeup and brushes."
Like me, she believes that makeup enhances the beauty of a person but being a good person inside makes you stand out even more.

Beauty's Treasure is a Zamboanga based online shop that's out to become your one stop shop for all your beauty needs! The shop offers brands such as NYX, ELF, MAC, Maybelline, Lor'eal, Rimmel, OCC, Cinema Secrets, Urban Decay, Sleek and a ton more. She also carries nail polishes from NYX, Orly, China Glaze, Essie, OPI, Zoya and very soon Misa & Seche Vite. All items are NEW and AUTHENTIC. No knock offs, replicas or fakes whatsoever!

At Beauty's Treasure, Eunz aims to make your shopping experience as easy as possible by making quality brand name cosmetics available with great deals that's sure to make you and your wallet happy. For 2012, Eunz aims to expand Beauty's Treasure and offer more promo sales to the market. Isn't that great news? Prepare your wallets people! Beauty's Treasure is sure to leave you clamoring for more!

At the moment, stocks are being sorted out at her new page so wait till July comes and the page gets officially opened. Lots of stuff in store for all of us! For now, check out the screen shots!


Shop Feature : E & E Shop!

Welcome to the wonderful world of E&E Shoppe
where you'll certainly be
"indulging your fashion craving"...

Miss EJ Casabuena, E&E Shoppe Owner
One of my generous blog sponsors.
is owned and managed by the lovely EJ Casabuena, currently a 19 year old student who is into crafting. She is a student of TUP Manila but resides in Dasmarines, Cavite. She started "creating something from nothing" at a young age and simply got hooked to the wonderful world of crafting. Designing plays a huge part of her life, definitely not just a hobby. According to the lovely EJ, it's an addiction.

E&E Shoppe is her "online baby" where she offers different fashionable & trendy accessories that are chic but not heavy on the wallet. You can find an assortment of items among her albums and there's definitely something for everyone at E&E Shoppe!

Miss EJ started her online business last March 2011 starting off with design service. Her passion for creating art helped serve as one of her inspirations. She also claims that her lovely buyers push her to be a better seller and she aspires in making "my own fashionable accessories soon", to quote.

Part of her goals for 2012 are to gather more page "fans" and bring fun activities, contests, raffles and sales on her page. She also wants to test her abilities in the "handmade & personalized" accessories department soon.

So, lovely readers, what are you waiting for?
Indulge your fashion cravings now and visit E&E Shoppe on Facebook!


Review : EnCara BB Cream + A Giveaway!

Picture Heavy & Word Heavy Post

EnCara BB Creams!
If you've been following me for a time, you'll remember that I posted about receiving my very own EnCara BB Cream that was made popular by some beauty bloggers. I've been so excited to share my review of this product with you guys so let's get started...

Setting powder - freebies for my orders. <3
Official EnCara BB Cream pamphlet.
Sleek packaging.
Matte body, satin-like finish twist cap.
I have been using this product for over two weeks and I think I can finally give my two cents about it.

Shipping / Shop Packaging : 
I purchased my EnCara BB cream online and received it two days after she shipped it. It was wrapped in a thick layer of bubble wrap but I didn't particularly like the paper tape that was used to wrap it. I found it a bit messy. But that's a very minor thing that doesn't necessarily ruin the product itself. A official pamphlet for the EnCara BB cream was included and also included a couple of freebies.

Pricing : 
The EnCara BB cream is usually sold at P999 but I got it at P499 pesos. And that's a FULL SIZED tube... Compared to other BB creams, the price is GREAT! I mean, where can you find a legitimately nice BB cream for only P499? It's definitely more pocket friendly in my opinion.

Design / Product Packaging : 
The product comes in a sleek semi-matte finish tube container that's housed in a silver paper-cardboard type packaging with details printed. The tube itself one of those squeeze tube type containers that don't really make a mess unless you squeeze too hard. I like the fact that the opening is at the bottom of the tube so that, by law of gravity, all the product flows down. You see, there's less wastage of product with packaging like this. I also like that it comes with a screw top cover instead of a flip top one. That way there are lesser chances of "accidents". 

Scent / Color / Coverage / Etc... : 
In the two weeks that I have used EnCara BB Cream here are some little details that I have to say. Taking into consideration its scent, I'd say that this product has a very faint scent that I can compare to some sort of floral scent. It's not nauseating in any sense and for someone like me that's very sensitive to scents, it is quite tolerable. The downside is that I'm very acidic to begin with and over a period of time people who come in close contact with my face tell me that it gives of a mix a floral scent with a hint of mild plastic. *eeep!*
As for the color of this BB cream, I'd say this is geared towards people like me that have a yellow undertone. I fall under the NC35-40 category, in other brands I'm a medium beige, true beige, oriental and nude beige. I'd have to say that compared to other BB creams that I've tried in the past, this one has to be the one that comes the closest to matching my skin tone. I have yet to completely play around with it and get my technique on applying it to a perfection but this has by far the best over all look on my face in terms of BB cream. Most BB creams leave me with a ghastly gray-white cast and I look horrible in photos but EnCara is a different story. It looks better in photos than my other BB creams. I can't say that it won't end up looking a bit white, because in some photos that have extremely bright flash and lighting, there is a soft hint of that white cast on my face BUT it's still a whole lot better than other BB creams that leave me looking like death's bride. I also find it working a whole lot better as concealer (gives a highlight effect on the under eye area) , and mixed in with a tiny bit of my regular foundation. It also works great as a thin layer of makeup base before you apply your regular foundation on top of a dried layer of EnCara BB cream. It seems to have kept my oilies at bay!
The coverage of this BB cream is medium to full (depending on how many layers you've applied). It is very buildable and since it blends so well, you really won't have to exert much effort in buffing it into your skin. It has a great consistency, not too runny nor too thick. It's just right for those who like applying face products with their hands. It also works great when used with a stippling brush, flat top brush and even a paddle shaped foundation brush. I have also tried using "beauty blenders" (read : beauty sponges etc) and it does tend to "suck" up much more product than I'd like to so I wouldn't really recommend that.

Overall : 
Overall I'd like to keep using this product. Play around with a lot more and try to get my technique in applying it down to a T. I like it a lot because of its yellow undertone, its consistency, its non irritating smell, its coverage and of course its affordability. Plus I haven't broken out of this particular BB cream. I'd recommend it to those who don't like to wear full coverage foundations on a daily basis, and to those BB cream fans that are looking for more affordable BB cream. EnCara is proving to be a very nice product and its popularity is steadily gaining top place in the hearts of a lot of other beauty bloggers and makeup enthusiasts. I see a bright future for this BB cream. Definitely worth 4/5 stars. Would have given it a perfect score if it weren't for the "cast" trouble I still slightly experience.

Now onto more photos plus a surprise for all of you at the end...

Fits right in the palm of my hand.
For reference, I wear size 6.5 sterile gloves (when I do "nurse" duties).
Sealed for your protection & to guarantee it's brand new.
Blended out...

Now onto the exciting part... The GIVEAWAY! I will be giving away 1 brand new tube of EnCara BB Cream to 1 lucky reader. This giveaway is open to PHILIPPINE BASED readers only. You must be at least 18 years old to join. For MINORS, please be sure you have parental consent to join because I will be needing shipping details in case you win. This giveaway starts today, June 14, 2012 & will end on July 15, 2012. I will be announcing the winner shortly after and will be posting it on most of my media sites. Please take note that I will not email the winner. So please make sure to keep checking back if you are the lucky winner. Now go ahead and finish the tasks on the rafflecopter app.

I will also be giving a special "referrer" prize. I will base the winner on the number of people who claimed that you are their referrer to this particular giveaway. So remember to instruct them to include your name on the comments as their referrer! :)

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Good luck everyone!