A Blogger's Experience : Eazy Fashion

I first heard of Eazy Fashion from Ate Kai when she hosted a giveaway sponsored by the shop. I can't remember if I joined that particular giveaway but I do remember the stuff they were sponsoring. They were sponsoring Korean fashion items, some accessories and even a nifty lil brush set! Since I'm not as lucky as I wished I was, I decided to not really rely on the giveaway but instead head over to Eazy Fashion's page and check out their stuff. I was amazed at how affordably priced their items were in comparison to other online shops that sell similar, if not the same, Korean fashion items...

They have a comprehensive "about" section regarding the shop and that happens to be another thing that caught my eye aside from the fact that Eazy Fashion's name was popping up everywhere on the net especially on fashion blogs.

It took me a couple of weeks before I contacted Eazy Fashion. I did some major stalking on their page and official website before I contacted them about their policy on blog association / sponsorships... I don't run a fashion blog, rather, I'm an owner of a budding beauty blog but I took my chances and contacted them anyway. I received a prompt response to send an email to Sam Raymundo, their official marketing & PR coordinator. And that, my friends, is how it all began.

My relationship with the shop officially started last May 25, 2012 after a series of emails exchanged between Sam and myself. We discussed requirements, terms and conditions. You know, all those "serious" stuff, then came the fun part. Sam informed me that I passed their requirements and that they would be willing to sponsor items worth over P1000. That made me one happy blogger! I love giving back to my lovely followers and it's sponsors like Eazy Fashion who makes the hard work a lil more fun for everybody!

My giveaway ended the other day and Sam made it really easy for me to announce the winner since there were only a couple of things required of me at this point. She asked for a full report on the hits/likes and such as well as information on who the winner was. Thanks to Rafflecopter, Sam & I had little problem regarding the announcing of the winners.

I'm glad that they've provided for every little detail for my giveaway such as photos of the prizes and even free shipping to my winner! They really have a great sponsorship program that makes hosting a breeze. Aside from that, here are other perks that make Eazy Fashion a worthwhile shopping site!

Free shipping for P100 single purchase! I'm sure any "kikay" gal would be able to spend over 1k on cutesy stuff from Eazy Fashion!
This is a great promo for "barkadas" who'd like to order as a single purchase. You guys get to avail the wholesale price. More savings!!!
So you need a few extra bucks? Earn the easy way by signing up for Eazy Fashion's reseller status!
Now I'm going to start wrapping this up by giving a lil help to all my readers & fellow bloggers who'd like to try their luck at getting sponsored by Eazy Fashion
with some information & tips!

** ~ ** ~ ** ~

First, you'll have to contact Sam, their PR coordinator by sending at email to eazyfashion@hotmail.com with a letter addressed to :

Sam Raymundo
Marketing & PR Coordinator
Eazy Fashion 

Second comes the fun part. It'll help if you're fully aware of everything about your blog like it's the back of your hand. Prepare your blog statistics. It's like you're selling your blog. So make sure you know when you started blogging, how old your blog is, what's the majority of your readers, what category/niche your blog falls under and etc. Keep your letter short but informative.

Lastly,be patient enough to wait for a reply. Eazy Fashion sends replies quite promptly, so no worries in this department...

There you go. Good luck everyone! I promise you, you're experience with Eazy Fashion will be one you'll never forget.


  1. Cool. I am planning also to make a contest on my blgo but I dont have any ideas about the sponsorship and I guess mahirap magahanp ng sponsorship for my art and culture blog. hahaha. Thanks for the ideas though. :) Noks Sosa I SiningFactory.com

  2. quite a nice business to join... i remembered, my wife also had something like this with a local brand... she also had fun... hope for your success. Yahweh bless.

  3. Congratulations on getting sponsorhip from Eazy Fashion, Jannie!

    Your story is very inspiring and motivating. I love how you shared all these information to your readers, how awesome is that!

    I feel it's why you also achieved what you set out for i.e. connection to Eazy Fashion because of your generous spirit and your integrity.

    Best wishes to all future endevours!

  4. I'm not that familiar with fashion, but this is really helpful for fashionistas. alexis p

  5. Cool. It's great that you found sponsors and in return have given back to your readers.

  6. After the FBW LOGO DESIGN CONTEST ,I also plan to have a contest on my other blog, need to have sponsors too.

  7. wow! thanks for sharing this. I hope I can also request them as giveaway sponsor.

  8. Cool! it's really nice to do things that gives values to the customers..

  9. Congrats with your sponsor. This is a lovely idea. Love ko pa naman din fab accessories.

  10. It's only now that I stumbled on Eazy fashion. Too bad I didn't learn about your giveaway earlier. Thanks though for sharing some tips.

  11. Great post! Thumbs up on Eazy Fashion.

  12. Great! I think Philippines will be the fashion capital of Asia soon with the rise of awesome Filipina fashion bloggers like you.

    Ron of RonLeyba.Com

  13. Thanks for sharing sis! Will try my luck today. :)

    <3 Dhadha | www.maldita.us

  14. I hope makuha ko sponsorship nila! Plan ko sila kunin sa collaboration natin sis and with Kai too!
    Dame nga nila tinitinda eh! Sana ako din someday maging seller ng ganyang stuff. Ayaw ko kasi magwork haha gusto ko business lang XD


  15. had a great experience with them too :)

  16. For me, I'd rather join one to organize one (that's just me :D)

  17. I used to be an avid shopper...not anymore though since my priorities have changed. Now if I heard about eazy fashion a year ago....

  18. This is one fun experience.
    If you really like to do something and
    have the determination to obtain your goal...
    you can reach it and get some good results.
    You just had it with EAZY FASHION with the
    kind assistance of your newly found friend, SAM.

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  21. maybe they should change their courier I paid my orders aug 18, they've shipped it aug 22, until now aug 28, my package's status isn't verified. Also, other costumers experience this.
    I saw this from their fb page.
    Keyrol Daez-Angana
    Transaction #40564 which I paid for last August 15 still has not arrived. Courier promised it will arrive Saturday (August 25) but it did not arrive. I waited till 6pm. I hope you can do something about this. Mag two weeks na.

  22. eazy money for eazy fashion. dont be fooled by their items in the pictures. theyre not the real stuff that they will send you. i ordered a nice blouse and what i got is worse than an ukay dress. tsk tsk.

    1. really? so eazy fashion is but a mere HOAX? shoot! i was planning to grab their buy six items and get them in wholesale prices promise pa naman. tsk tsk. thanks anonymous for the heads up! makarma sana ang mga dapat makarma.

  23. i don't recommend this shop.they do sell few good items but most are so crappy and doesn't even equate its price.. its like buying expensive junk. if you doubt what i say, go buy and prove me wrong.. i used some hair accessories from them.the one i bought came rolling at the sidewalk as piece of it detached from the tie(Glossy Metal Hair Tie(Gold))price P99..the other one i totally lost it(poor thing)(Button-like Fabric Hair Ponytail (Blue))price P49.. i also bought some earings.. one is so crappy(Crystalline Dangle Earrings)totally way dif from the pic.. price is P108.. bumili nlng sana ako ng silver earings..the other one (Silver Pyramid Stud Earrings)naputol ung pin nya after 3 use lang..(Sparrow Diamond Stud Ring (Gold)) faded after 3 use din..pati ung mga (Matte Nail Polish)ugglly.. evening ko inapply pagkamorning ugly na and chipping of...ugly rin eto (Rocker Ring Set) price P158.. some are in good quality rin like Long Strap Vintage Watch (Light Brown),Blue Elephanteau Necklace,Cloverleaf Gold Necklace (Red) etc. its like gambling so i wont buy again..im taking time sharing this coz im really dissapointed.. lets not patronize scam online shops so that di cla dumami..


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