Mori-Fairy-Kei Shoot + Aoi Bara - Rarutia (Fan Video)

Yesterday I did "makeup" work on two models for a photo+video shoot that Patsy (a close friend) and I have been talking about for ages. We've been planing this for so long but it only recently pushed through. I won't blabber on and on in this post... Just check the photos & the video at the end! :D

DISCLAIMER : All the following photos belong either to Rhea, Patsy, Kai and/or Patty.
Unfortunately I already had a lot of stuff to bring so my camera was out of the question! *lol*

And the finale, the video...


  1. Very pretty models. Love the video! You did a great job sissy! :)

  2. really great job sis!!!!naku sana malapit lang din ako sayo, I want you to put make up on me din!<3 super pretty nyong lahat! the video is great as well!love it! two thumbs up hun!xoxo


  3. Super love the makeup Jannie Dear! And it was really fun to be with you guys! :))) More soon!

  4. wow! the make up up to photos and up to the finale video! they look gorgeous! all of you did a great job here!! xx tauyanm.com

  5. WAAAH!! I really wanted to go pero I had classes. Next shoot, for sure!

  6. Nice:)
    Good job on doing their make up

    Cool video too Love it <3


  7. you have mad make-up skills, jannie. as in really mad. ang galing mo rin pumili ng colors. i'd really love to work with you soon. both kai and patty look beautifully out-of-this-world. hope to meet you soon. :)


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