Personal Post : My Folk's Wedding Anniversary

Hey you guys!
Today mark my folk's 22nd year of being married. *woot woot*
I decided to share this rather personal post with my lovely readers...

Here's the video I made for them last year when they celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary...

And here's the continuation...

I hope you guys enjoyed even if I do have mediocre video-making skills. *lol*
So anyway, personal question, how long have your folks been together?
Answer in the comment box below... *smiles*

Have a lovely day!

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  1. Jannie, the video you made for your parents was priceless! I'm sure they really loved it because I don't even know them and it bought tears to me eyes! I'm less talented with gadgets and things of that nature so I always opt for the traditional anniversary gifts. But this video, is a great alternative that any parent would be proud to have received from their daughter. (and you're skills aren't as bad as you think, I've seen way worse ) Great job!


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