Haulage ~ First For September!

First haul for the month! *yey*
Some of the items arrived towards the end of August but I decided to include them in this haul post because I haven't really gotten down to using them much. *winks*

Let's start with that hot pink organizer in the photo above. It was really affordable. Only P20! I bought a lot of them and I'm planning to give some away too. This was locally available at a very small "boutique" type store in our city.

These two products are from locally available brands. I've been on the lookout for different foundations that are from local brands since most of my readers have been encouraging me to come up with a "makeup kit" with only local brands that are effective, safe and affordable.
Careline Oil Control Liquid Makeup in Oriental cost only P80 & the Ever Bilena Studio Finish Stick Foundation in Beige cost only P180.

I got these NYX Slim Eye Pencils in Gold & Teal for only P80 each since these were on sale. The Makeup Haul (Facebook), yessiree, go check the page out... I've always been impressed with NYX eye liners so I decided to get these two color since I don't have anything like them in my collection. Excited to use the teal one to add a pop of color on my waterline when I do neutral looks.

Careline Lipstick in Butter Scotch for only P100 was definitely a steal. I like this "my lips but better" shade. Been using this a couple of times and so far my only complaint is its "too sweet" smell. The BeautyUk Lipstick in Darkness cost my a little over P150 but it was still relatively cheap because of The Makeup Haul's sale which was ongoing when I got this. It's my first black lipstick and I'm excited to put it to good use!

Another BeautyUk product. Got it from The Makeup Haul as well but I can't remember how much. I think it was around P200 only and is in the shade Rose Pink. The Ever Bilena Powder Blush in Raisin cost me only P155 and it's a very lovely "everyday" shade that compliments a lot of skin tones.

Last two items for this haul are these "essentials". I decided to try out a new Dove shampoo variant and this one is for intense repair. I've been subjecting my hair to bad elements the past week and it really does need intense repair. This cost me a little over P150. The Celeteque moisturizer is actually my attempt to save up my Kiehl's moisturizer for only night time use. Hope this works for me. It's an aquagel formulation which I prefer over heavy creams.

So that's it for my first September haul.
What have you guys been hauling lately?


  1. I use careline lipstick too from time to time. Cheap yet makes someone look so pretty :) Nice choice!

  2. The blushes' colors are lovely! It's amazing how you started your month with a haul which you got for great prices! :D

  3. I've been eyeing that black Beauty UK lippie! I love EB Raisin. On my 3rd pan already. :)


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