Review : Models Own Matt Hyper Brite Lipstick in Pink Hawaiian

I know that red lipsticks are timeless classics but my personal weapon of choice is a good tube of bright hot pink lipstick. A good hot pink lipstick never fails to brighten not only my face but also my day in general. That, plus the fact people always compliment me more when I use pink lipsticks... *lol* I have more than half a dozen pink lipsticks in my collection but one does stand out and I'm finally introducing her (yes, HER) to you, my lovely readers...

Please give a warm round of applause for the lovely, the stunning, Models Own Matt Hyperbrite Lipstick in PINK HAWAIIAN! *drum roll*

Product Packaging : 
This is my first ever lip product encased in a clear plastic but sturdy packaging. The first time I saw online ads clamoring for you to focus all your attention on the beauty all I could really think about is how "tacky" or "cheap"the packaging might be in real life. Boy, was I wrong! I love the packaging though not a lot of people might be too keen on it. I on the other hand like how "futuristic" this is without looking too gaudy. I also like the fact that since it's see through, I can easily spot and reach for it among my other lipstick tubes. It's also very sturdy too! I've dropped this a couple of times already and still no cracking...

Pricing : 
When this was first released the price of one tube was P400 (some shops even sold it at P450 a pop!). That's why I stayed away for so long because I wasn't ready to shell out P400 for just one product. Call me cheap, but I'm very skeptical about purchasing stuff before doing thorough research about it. So anyway, after the initial hype died down, an online shop (forgive me, but I forgot which one!) went on sale. Lo & behold she was selling these babies for only P300 each! By that time, I've seen about a dozen swatches of this beauty and have read more than a dozen reviews raving about it. So, I took the plunge and purchased it. I was also supposed to get the shade Orangeade but it sold out too quickly. Gave it 4/5 stars because to some people P300 is still a lot of money for a tube of lipstick.

Scent / Color Payoff / Longevity : 
5/5 stars because I SUPER DUPER LOVE this lipstick! Like I said earlier, my "weapon of choice" is more often than not a bright hot pink lipstick and the Models Own Matt Hyper Brite Lipstick in Pink Hawaiian did not fail to deliver.
The Models Own site described this lipstick to have a vanilla bean scent but all I smell are the sweet berry notes in this lipstick's formula and I'm in love with it. I like how sweet-like-candy it smells but still it isn't overpowering like some other lipsticks in the market.
Though it says MATT on the tube, this product is far from what most matte lipsticks are since it does have that tiny amount of sheen to it which I don't mind at all. It's formulation is very forgiving, it doesn't sit on the cracks,bumps and lines in my lips and application is as smooth as a baby's bum. You can apply it sheer for that tinge of color or apply it with a heavier hand for an opaque bright HOT PINK pout that'll last a long time and compliments my yellow undertones. Seriously the lasting power of this lipstick amazes me. It lasted a solid 4 hours on me (with talking, drinking and eating) with the 5th-6th hour leaving a lovely "stain" / tint on my lips. This one isn't really for the faint hearted but I love how "Hey! Look at me!" it is. Definitely a keeper for me!
*Tip : To avoid feathering of this product, use a lip liner.

Overall : 
Overall I'd give this a 5/5 even if I did take one star off for the price because this lovely lipstick makes up a lot for it's expensiveness. I've already said most of the things you'd need to know about this lipstick so I'll leave it to that. I'm on the hunt for other shades in this range at SALE prices. Will update everybody if I find them in any ongoing sales. *giggles*

2 swipes under white artificial light, with flash.
2 swipes under white artificial light, no flash.
Left a lovely sheer tint after I "wiped" it off.

2 swipes under white artificial light, no flash, taken 3 hours after initial application.
Questions for my readers:
1. Did you like this review and find it helpful?
2. Would you personally try this product out?
3. What is your favorite shade/color of lipstick?
4. How much are you willing to shell out for good quality lipsticks?

Till my next post!
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  1. Gad! I so want to get this color. Orangeade pa lang ang Hyperbrite ko e. When I'm earning na I'll be willing to spend up to 2k for a tube! :)) for other makeup prods, I might scrimp. :))

    1. Orangeade is next on my list! Ganda ng formula nitong lippie nuh? 2k? Woah! Haha. I love my lipsticks pero till 1k lang ata kaya ko for a tube. Unless it's super extraordinary. HAHA. :D I invest more on face stuff especially foundations.

  2. Replies
    1. I love this shade too. It's on top of my list of fave pink lippies. <3

  3. Oh wow I like that shade! Been seeing a lot of these Hyperbrite lipsticks lately ah :)

  4. 1. Yes, this review is helpful! It's always good to show how a particular lipstick shade looks on the lips.
    2. Yes, I like hot pink lipsticks!
    3. My favorite shade is red, though I like pinks too.
    4. P500, maybe? Haha! I don't believe you have to spend thousands on lipsticks! I'd spend thousands on skincare but never on lipsticks.

  5. havent tried that product yet but i like the color sis! ;)

  6. omg. i looooove this colour.. i wanna have one of these too.. ang ganda lang nmn ng pigment!!!


  7. Lovely color! It suits you well actually! :) Will def keep in mind this brand when I go shop for lippies. :)

    The Misty Mom

    PS - Will be having a BIG GIVEAWAY soon! Do follow if you wanna be updated about it:)

  8. ohhh.. I love the shade Jannie! :D
    I heard a lot of good reviews about this product na rin. hehehe.. :)
    super pigmented raw ng lippies nila <3

    Rhea Bue (Styles & Writes)

  9. Ikaw na!! Ikaw na ang magaling sa make-up!! Haha. I missed you, sisssss! <3 <3 :) Ganda ng eyes. Oh and the lipstick suits you well. <3

  10. love the color!! ang ganda ganda sayo Jannie! ♥ you're right, a bright pink lipstick could brighten up your day in an instant! ^^


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