Review : Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick in 915B Spiked With Rum

A few days ago I posted a haul which contained mostly Wet n Wild products. Well ever since that post I've been using the Wet n Wild megalast lipsticks and have been loving them a lot. So today I'm finally going to post a review on one of them which is 915B - Spiked With Rum.

The reason I got this shade is because I don't have one like it in my collection plus I think it's such a pretty color for fall. I'm slowly starting to make a transition from my tangerines and pinks to plums and mochas for my makeup and what better way to start than with lipstick since it's what I use most often! The other reason is this post. I fell in love with the swatch so I decided then and there that I needed it in my life!

Product Packaging : 
The lipstick comes packaged in a sleek black tube with a clear (transparent) lid cover. It has the Wet n Wild wording printed onto the cover, and had the lipstick's identity number on the bottom. It comes with a peel off seal and about an inch or two of product coming out of the black tube on the top. Now that I've described to you how it looks like, I shall now start off by telling you what I didn't like about this lipstick, packaging-wise. First off I hated the fact that they only printed the identity number onto the bottom and not the name. The name was printed on the peel off security seal of the lipstick only and once I took that off, bye-bye lipstick name. I now have to try my best to remember that this tube's called Spiked With Rum! Another thing the irked me is the fact that there's a portion of the product sticking out of the tube. I'm pretty clumsy and now I have to take double care when I replace the cover to avoid it smashing into that tine bit of product sticking out! *eeep!* But apart from that, everything's fine. For a P150 lipstick, the packaging feels sturdy enough to survive my handling, even the transparent plastic cover feels tough enough for me...

Pricing : 
P150/each. I was blown away by the price of this lipstick, considering these (Wet n Wild stuff) are US drugstore products that aren't easy for someone like me (who lives in the province) to come by... It was relatively cheap and of great quality. I'm thankful I came across Sophie J Fashion House because they sell the cheapest Wet n Wild stuff online (so far). Other shops sell the lipsticks at P220-P250 each. So, I'm psyched that I scored these for only P150!

Scent / Color Payoff / Longevity : 
If you're a long time reader, you'd already know that I am a huge fan of pink lipsticks so getting this shade is a big leap for me. Spiked With Rum can be described as a mid tone brownish-pink. I don't have anything like it in my collection but I'm happy that I got it. It gives off no unpleasant scent. It has wonderful color payoff! One swipe across my lips and I'm actually good to go. It's really pigmented and though its formulation is matte it goes on pretty smoothly on my lips. It lasts a good 4 hours on me with talking-eating-drinking in between. At the end of the 4 hours, it leaves a very pretty tinge of color on my lips.

** Tip : Exfoliate lips and prime with clear lip balm at least 15 minutes before application if you're unsure about how you fare with matte lipsticks because they can be a bit drying.

Overall : 
Overall I'd give this 4/5 stars. It would have been perfect if only I didn't have so much of an issue with the packaging. I'd recommend this lipstick to anyone who like matte finishes and doesn't want to put so much of a dent on their wallets. This shade would also flatter most skin tones. I'm an NC30-35, for comparison's sake. So what are you guys waiting for?
Grab this shade and make it part of your Fall 2012!

L-R : 1 swipe, 2 swipes, 1 swipe blended out. Taken with flash under artificial white light.
L-R : 1 swipe, 2 swipes, 1 swipe blended out. Taken with flash under artificial white light.
When worn. Took this photo with my iPhone's front cam.

Questions for my readers:
1. Did you find this review helpful?
2. Have you ever tried Wet n Wild products? What kinds?
3. What's your "Fall" shade of lipstick for 2012?


  1. Nice! I'm planning to buy one from Nyx Wholesale PH. And they selling it for only 115. Mukhang nagllast long naman. Gustong gusto ko talaga mga Matte lipstick hehehe.

    Drop by.

  2. Nice review! Wet n Wild really is kind of rare here in our town so the price is a bit shocking. Maybe I'll buy one for myself for a future cosplay gig. :DD

  3. I love your reviews!! I mentioned you here :) http://rubypalabasan.blogspot.com/2012/09/blog-hopping.html

    1. Hi! Thank you for mentioning me. I'm so kilig! I followed you on your blog via GFC. xoxo

  4. Nice review. Very detailed :)
    OMGGGG, Very affirdable! Im'ma check the website later :)
    Thanks for sharin'

    Haven't tried any W&W products.
    I am still into girly shades y'know ^ ^


  5. Nice review! Very detailed :)
    Im'ma check the website laturr Thanks for sharin'

    Haven't tried any W&W product.
    I am still into girly shades ^ ^


  6. nice swatch! nice lippie you got sis! :3 it really looks good on you! loving the make up :3

    xoxo. http://www.ostarey.info/

  7. I haven't tried any W&W products but this do look pretty nice ^_~


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