DIY : Cute Bow Flats

Hello sweethearts! I know I've been M.I.A the past few days. Life has been a bit busy for me but today I'm back to share a quick D.I.Y project...

I'm more of the "flats" type of girl because I find them easy to walk & run in. I'm a busy body and need  to wear footwear that help me accomplish my errands without giving me that *ouch* factor I get when I wear heels.

One of the basic flats I have in my collection is this random pair of black flats that I got at the local mall a few months ago for only P200. As you can see it's just a plain black color with a bow in the front. That bow used to have golden "clasps" which fell off after two weeks. (LOL!) So now my once "pretty" flats are pretty DRAB and BORING.

Since I'm a bit low on funds and can't afford to buy a new pair of flats, I decided to look for a way to spruce up this old pair and make them look a bit "new"... And all I really needed were this clip on bow hair accessories which cost me P36/3 pairs!

I got a baby pink pair, a teal pair and a bright coral-peach pair.
They are super easy to use too! All I did was clip them onto the bows on my flats and *poof!* instant "new" cute bow flats!

I initially wanted to glue them on, but decided against it so I can go between different bow colors without having to deal with possibly ruining my flats with the glue... Cool, eh?

Watch out for my next D.I.Y project where I turn another pair of old flats into a pretty glittered one! 


  1. Cute, indeed! Mas ok na you didn't glue them para you can match the color based sa outfit mo. Love the idea sis!


  2. Aww ang cute! It's really nice and productive wow.. hehehe :) I never tried doing something like this, ang galing! Keep it up sis!

  3. im now also a flat type kind of girl.. this ones really really nice. so creative of you jannie!!

  4. I prefer flats shoes too! kung pwede rin nga flat shoes sa school nag flat nako xD though, minsan nag fa-flat shoes rin ako kung di mapapansin ng guard. hahha :))) those DIY so cute! :3 those ribbons are really really cute! :3

    xoxo. http://www.ostarey.info/

  5. Ish the internet connection sucks! haha Like what i typed in my previous comment, is there some clippies at the back of the bow? Good thing you didn't glue the bow para you can change other bows time to time. :)


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