Jannieology @ PR2 ~ Giveaway - WINNER

When Jannieology upgraded to a PR2, I knew that I had to throw a giveaway because I wouldn't have been able to reach this far with my blog if I didn't give back my blessings to my dear readers. 


After raking in over 3000 entries, it's finally time to announce the giveaway winner!
*drum roll*

And the winner is :



Congratulations Miss Jemm De Leon.
You have 48 hours to email me (parel.janna@gmail.com) with your details. Failure to comply will automatically disqualify you from claiming your prizes and I shall pick a new winner...

To everybody who joined, thank you so much. Watch out for upcoming giveaways!


Hello dear reader! I hope you drop a line or two. Comments really make my day! :D