MLOTI 2 : Meeting Kai D. of LilPink.Info

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Blurry photo is blurry. LOL. Credits to Cj for this quick shot with my iPhone.
Last week I posted a "My Life Outside The Internet" post and I've decided to try to make it a regular thing by posting a "personal" post at least each week to update everyone on what I've been up to.

This week's highlight so far is meeting Kai Darul of LilPink.Info.
I initially met Kai online through a blogger's group on Facebook. I liked her instantly and her blog too.
Since she graduated recently and is in Zamboanga for a really quick visit with relatives, we decided to get together and I treated her to lunch at Gerry's Grill (partly because I was craving for Crispy Tadyang again!).
We had a lovely time talking and Cj even joined in too. Personally meeting Kai indeed was a great way to spend my "day off" from duty. I love all my blog sisters and I love having the opportunity to personally meet them. I'm really hoping to see Kai again soon. Maybe next time she'll be a full fledged ZC Blogger already! :)


  1. Shes the sweetest blogger friend i know! <3

  2. Wow! I'd love to meet you if I visit Zamboanga. :)

  3. I've seen her blog but dont really know her.

    It's always fun to meet fellow bloggers. They can be friends you'll have for keeps. :)

  4. Oh, that's lovely. I haven't seen anyone from the blogosphere personally. Lucky you :)

  5. Jannie, when you will visit Manila again? hehe I would like to meet you also. :)


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