MLOTI : My Life Outside The Internet

I have a ton of pending reviews, makeup tutorials and other in between posts like giveaway announcements but as usual I've been busy with "my life outside the internet".
I miss blogging and all that but I find myself concentrating more and more on living my life outside the internet with renewed gusto.
So many things have been going on. I've been meeting and working with new people and I've been facing challenges daily. Not to mention my body clock is totally whack from all the afternoon & graveyard shifts I've been dealing with and yet I'm enjoying everything that's going on. 
 photo ORnurse_zps16399a48.jpg
Collage #1 is dedicated to my life being an OR nurse. I've always wanted to be in the OR. Surgeries are fascinating and being a scrub-circulating nurse is something I see myself doing. Yes, I do miss the interaction I used to have with patients in the wards but this OR life, this is the life for me. Sterile fields, cooler temperatures, all the fancy-shmancy instruments and gadgets used.. *le sigh* I'm an OR nurse and I'm proud to be one. Proud & grateful to be one despite the minor setbacks I've encountered in the OR. This chapter of my life is definitely one that's worth everything.
 photo DailyLife_zps26bf3402.jpg
1. My current Facebook cover photo. I mustache you a question, but I'm shavin' it for later. LMAO!
2. CHIC Cosmetics was so kind to send me a free flat top kabuki brush (review will be up tomorrow) along with my Revlon JBKLB order.
3. Packed up Unicorn Delight orders.
4. Swatches of my current addiction, the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balms.
5. Braided candy colored bracelets for summer! Order HERE.
6. I'm on TANGO. Tango with me?
7. New iphone4 cases for my baby Stark (my phone). To keep him "swaggin'. LOL!
8. Creepy photo of me. I find it pretty.
9. Lasagna & fries. 'Nuf said.
 photo LoveLife_zps68c87dd9.jpg
Celebrated the 18th monthsary with the boyf earlier that the actual day because it's hella difficult to get out schedules to match properly. Early dinner at Calda Pizza because I wanted their chicken meal and he wanted pizza. We both agreed on getting the chicken potato salad, which was good but not as good as my mum's version.
 photo moodboard_zpsf869562b.jpg
Pixelated photo of the moodboard for my next project shoot with my quirky, artistic photographer friend Sefi. Really excited about this. It's been in out to-do list for such a long time!
Stay tuned for the following reviews & giveaways :
* Chic Cosmetics Flat Top Kabuki Brush
* EyeCandy's Princess Mimi XKP304 circle lenses
* San San BB Cream
* ELF Eyebrow Kit in Dark


  1. It's really hard to juggle time when you're a nurse. :p

    Goodluck with your "outside the internet" life. :)

    ~~I suddenly missed my OR life. *wink*

  2. Congrats with your success in your career!


  3. wow that's happy anniv sa inyo dear!! nice collages also! goodluck to your busy sched! its hard Juggling all of this i bet! xx

  4. can't wait for your chic flat top review ^_~

  5. i also love the OR and i'm also an OR nurse! :) being an OR nurse is so tiring that you cant even blog something and thus, you tend to blog about your whole week. haha. will wait for your giveaways! :D

  6. Congrats with your boyf :D
    Love the lipstick you have on your photo with that lucky man.

  7. Omg! I totally love your new layout, Jannie! Very cute. Anyway, I love how you manage to stay fresh kahit busy sa duty. I miss you dear! <33

  8. You manage your time so well. Sana ako din! I have so many backlogs na.

    BTW, will buy from Unicorn Delight soon <3

  9. That's great! Ako kaya when makakalaya from internet lol! Anyways I've been MIA too last month but now Blogging again. :D wait ko yang review mo sa Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balms na yan. :D

  10. Grabe, ang busy mong tao, Jannie. When I was still in school, OR scares me to death. Parang feeling ko may mali ako gagawin.

    That lasagna looks so yummy. As in natatakam ako ngayon. Haha!

    I'll be waiting for your product reviews. :)

  11. Oh... your life is so busy... hahaha
    love all the collage photos especially the one with food. *yum*
    your next project seems to be so cool and interesting. Can't wait Jannie <3 <3 <3


  12. Those braided bracelets are cute. Yay for the makeup reviews! Post them soon!!

  13. Enjoy your life outside the net, its far more fun than just sitting infront of the PC and blogging hahaha! Also that gives you more things to blog about which makes your blog more interesting :) I salute you for being an OR nurse must be tough!

  14. Ooh, nice photos Jannie dear! I def love those colorful braided bracelets <3 So excited too about your project with Sefi <3

  15. Awesome make up reviews! :)

  16. At the moment, I think I'm spending more time offline than online. It's ironic coz I actually have more time to blog now but I prefer spending my time reading instead :) Can't wait to see your next project with Sefi! :)

  17. I am glad you are enjoying your new challenges!!!


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