Review : SanSan Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

Last month when I stopped by my local HBC outlet I picked up some of their new products and that includes the SanSan waterproof eyeliner pen. Now to be honest I didn't really have high hopes since I've always been "malas" (unlucky) when I pick up eyeliner pens. Most times when I take them out of the packaging they're dried up! I was super relieved that these weren't... Read on to know if I recommend these babies or not. *winks*
 photo IMG_8035_zps052c0ee0.jpg  photo IMG_8036_zpsbae03519.jpg  photo IMG_8037_zps9d3c2b8f.jpg  photo IMG_8039_zps6ee3df84.jpg
What : SanSan Waterproof Eyeliner Pen
Shades Available : Brown, Black
Where : HBC Outlets/Stalls
Price : P115 (yes, I got this at P115 but I've read from other blogs that these can go as low as P85)
 photo IMG_8040_zpsf7bb1c9c.jpg  photo IMG_8042_zpse200a50a.jpg
* not set with similar colored eyeshadow, instead "set" means to let dry before rubbed...
 photo IMG_8043_zps78288e5b.jpg  photo IMG_8044_zps019107fa.jpg  photo IMG_8046_zpsc67d3b67.jpg  photo IMG_8048_zpsabe36935.jpg

Love :
*Packaging - I really like that the pen is really lightweight and its cap is securely locked in place every time I use this. I don't have to worry about it leaking in my kikay kit or wherever. I also appreciate the colored bottoms which serve as instant labels for the pens so even if they're stored upside down, no need to worry about grabbing the wrong shade.
* Felt Tip - I love this kind of tip the most because it is the easiest (IMHO) kind to use. I can control it easily and even if I'm in a hurry, I rarely mess up when I use my SanSan eyeliner pens. Its tip is also shorter and more firm compared to some other pen liners I've tried. This, for me, allows for better precision and handling.
* Pointed Tip - Comes in handy when I want to create a sharp cat eye. And it's not at all scratchy or irritating when I draw on the line/s.
* Pigmented - Both shades have good color payoff especially the black one. It's one of the most solid blacks I've tried so far. The brown one isn't as pigmented as the black but it's still relatively solid and good for "everyday" use though I often reach out for the black pen most days.
* Staying Power - Okay, I know most of you will be confused because in the "test" photos above these babies smudged so easily, right? But once set well, it doesn't budge at all and lasted a whole 8 hours on me without smudging or flaking.
* Affordable & Locally Available!

Hate :
* The only thing I really hate about it is that it failed on the tests I put it through on the back of my hand BUT it performed so well when I applied in onto my upper lash line as an eyeliner. It's very contradicting and I'm sure confusing on my readers part that I have so many good things to say about this product but the photos say otherwise. Bottom line is that I encourage everyone to test this out for themselves to see how they fare on you because Celline of Product Arena has a totally different experience from mine and it's evident in her photos how wonderful these liners are!

Tips :
* For those with oily lids like me, use a primer! Primer isn't just for eyeshadows, you know. It'll help the eyeliner stay on longer.
* Set with a similarly colored eyeshadow to further extend the liner's pigmentation and longevity.
* Allow to completely dry and set before venturing outside.

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zpsd72970db.jpg

Oh and before I end this post, I need your opinions my lovely readers!
Do you think this cut and/or color would suit me? I might not push through with the cut BUT I'm so into the color that I might just do it! Help!!! *lol*

 photo hair_zps296e096c.jpg

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  1. Τhey look great :) Too bad I can't find them in Greece.

  2. Hi again sis! I'm thinking of giving this one a try. I'm terrible at applying liquid liner and I have been dying to try the ones with this kind of packaging. And oh, love the hair color but I'm not sure about the straight bangs. Just my humble opinion. :)

  3. Great eyeliner! Planning to buy one nga after this week, saw Celline's review too super pigmented grabe I need a new eyeliner pa naman. :D
    And oh sa color maganda siya! I'm planning to color my hair too kaya lang dark brown nman. :D

  4. Great detailed post Jannie!
    I'm always in a search for a great eyeliner like this, I wish it's available here too! I would really love to try it since it's really cheap, and it looks like it's pretty good.

    As for the hair cut, with no bangs, you can probably rock it! And definitely YES for the color! ;)

  5. Definitely going to purchase this soon! Thanks for the review! I have been looking for a great, affordable brown eyeliner!


  6. And and your hair cut is very similar to that of Hannah Simone! <3 Very cute!

  7. i've heard raves about this on other bloggers too..i'm definitely checking this out! it's perfect for beginners like me.hee..thanks for this review sis! :)

  8. This eyeliner pen is good for me since I'm just like literally drawing lines around my eyes.. ;)

  9. For me, this is great eyeliner because it’s much pigmented and does not faint easily.
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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