Nothing Worth Having ...

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I know I've been awfully silent the past few weeks but so many things have happened and I'll admit that I set aside blogger duties to focus more on my personal life. I've had my fair share of ups & downs since September and everything culminated last October 21, 2013 when I ended a 2-year relationship. Yes, that's right. You guys read it right. I broke up with Cj last month and I've been keeping myself busy with a whole lot of other things. I won't delve into all the intimate details but I will say that the break up was initiated by me and that there isn't a third party involved on both our parts.

Setting that aside, I have several other announcements & updates to make.

Update #1 - I've been accepted into the CMZ nurse training program (again) and I'm excited to go back "home". Crossing my fingers that I get into the operating room. I've made this decision to go back because the institution made me feel safe & secure. I loved the people I worked with and I felt that we really were a family. I am looking forward to start working as a nurse again.

Update #2 - I'm concentrating more on my MAN classes this semester. I have only two classes but I'm kinda worried about them. Psychiatric Nursing & Statistics are proving to be challenging.

Update #3 - I'll be launching weekly mini giveaways this December. Mark your calendars for the following dates : December 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29. They will be week long giveaways for my readers as a form of celebrating the Yuletide season with me!

And to end this all, ANS. :)


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