FILED 2014 Doodle Planner

Remember my Christmas 2013 Wish List? Well I can officially cross off the FILED 2014 Doodle Planner from the list because I finally got my chubby hands on it & an "electric" blue Moodi plushie.
 photo a_zps159a6d0b.jpg
What : FILED 2014 Doodle Planner
Where : FILED
Price : P545 (exclusive of shipping)
** Thank you A. for getting this for me! **

Planner Features
> 18cm x 13cm x 2cm
> available in black & white
> matte laminated cover & sewn binding
> cute "page muncher" + free template to make more!
> doodle pages per month to color & design
> spacious monthly & daily views with additional NOTES page
> expense tracker, life & 2014 plans, movies to see, books to read, places to visit, restos to try page
> sleeve/pocket at the back side
> date starts on Dec 09, 2013

So, how do you order your own? Go to the official FILED site and just follow the simple instructions that I've included below.
 photo shop_order_procedures_zps28630e10.jpg
Photo Source
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Well that's it for now. *toodles*
I'm off to start jotting down on my awesome FILED 2014 Doodle Planner!


  1. I wanted to get this, but the BDJ planner is too fantabulous to ignore. Anyway, have fun on your planner! :)


  2. It looks adorable! Reminded me that I also need to get a new planner for 2014.

  3. That is so cute! I dont want to own it because I may not going to use it because its so cute... hahaha

  4. oh wow! they have the owner's name already printed in there pala! how awesome! :) I cant wait to receive mine in a few days! :)

    1. Hi sweetie. That photo was edited. My planner came without my name printed on it. I'm still tryna decipher how to actually put my name. :)

  5. What a cute planner! ^_^ It is my first time to see and to read about this one.

  6. I was thinking of what brand or kind of planner to buy! This looks interesting! let me check their site. I hope they don't have just one style or color! Haha

  7. This is such a cute planner. Unfortunately I'm not the artsy type so this isn't exactly for me, but it's still cute!

  8. OMG!!! Ang cute ng planner na to!! perfect saakin kase I love doodling on random meetings. hahahahaha :D

  9. This is so cute, too bad I ordered one na from tomato.

  10. and now that you mentioned it. I NEEEEEED A PLANNEEEEER! >__<
    will buy one asap. but still cant decide which one. urgh!


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