10 Things I've Learned This 2015

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I've been through a lot this 2015. It's really been an eye opening year for me because 2015's the year I made so many life changing decisions. My biggest realization this year is the fact that being an adult is tough! *chuckles* I won't make this intro too long, let's get the drum roll started, shall we because I've just realized that I'm almost halfway through the first month of 2016 and this is my first post!!!

1. Not everyone is going to like me, and I can live with it.
A younger version of myself would have gotten depressed over the fact that there are people in this world that don't like me but my 24 year old self has accepted that sometimes people just don't jive well together and that it's perfectly normal. I'd rather not force myself upon anyone who doesn't like me because this does more harm than good.

2. Think before you speak.
There were a lot of times this year where I wished I could take back something that I had said but it was always too late. It may be an awful comment about someone or a judgmental remark or something like a racist joke... Whatever it was, it made me feel really bad for saying it. More often than not it happens when I'm in a bad mood too and I end up hurting other as well. So I've learned (the hard way) to always THINK before saying something because the saying "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me" isn't always the case.

3. You can fight peer pressure.
When I don't want to do something, I don't do it. Even if it means losing a few "friends" in the process because real friends will respect your life choices. This is usually something as simple as going out for a few drinks or something more serious like experimenting with drugs. I've learned to say NO to peer pressure, which also leads to my next life lesson...

4. Choose your friends wisely.
Ever heard of the saying "tell me who your friends are, and I'll tell you who you are"? Well this 2015 I've made changes to my social circles. I've tried my best to be with people who respect me for me, who have similar interests to mine, who appreciate my weirdness, who are into having good clean fun - sans alcohol or other "bad" stuff.

5. Know your alcohol limit and stick to it.
2015 is the year that I explored a bit with drinks. When I turned 18 a few years ago, I found out that I have a bit of an allergy situation going on with alcohol so I take it easy with the drinks. This year I learned that my limit is 3 bottles of the old standby - beer, or 2 glasses of red wine, or 2 glasses of cuba libre (rum coke). I pretty much still stick to my standard ice tea order though.

6. It's okay to let loose and not be so uptight.
I'm always the uptight one among my group of friends. Last year I promised myself that I'd be more chill and try to "go with the flow". I made more friends this way and had a lot more fun during hangouts.

7. Life is about taking risks.
I took the biggest risk this year by resigning from my hospital job. I only had a few months to go before I'd FINALLY become a full pledged staff nurse but I wasn't happy. I talked more about this decision on an earlier post. Now I'm continuing the risk by embarking on my new journey as a full time home based baker. Do me a favor and check out my work at Sugar Works! :)

8. Don't lie.
I don't even have to really expound on this.

9. Save for a rainy day.
This 2015 was a year that I saved my first 50 thousand and spent my first 50 thousand as well (all for my business and a couple of "personal" shopping sprees) but I've realized that nothing beats having a savings account with actual savings because you never know when you need the cash and have no one to run to but yourself.

10. Let go.
Let go of the hurt, the pain, the anger. It will make you a better person... It's difficult. It's 2016 and I've yet to master the art of letting go, but I'm getting there...

That's all for now... How about you guys? What did YOU learn in 2015?


  1. i can really relate on the things you've learned in 2015 sis! i'm 23 and will be 24 na next may so siguro somehow the same circumstances got us enlightened sa mga gagawin natin in the future! tama ka, mahirap yung "et go" part pero kakayanin! we have a life to live and if others are not happy for what we are doing, who we are as a person then so be it. it's not their life anyway. to more wonderful learnings and success in 2016!! cheers!

    1. May baby ka rin sis? I'll be 25 this May and it's scary because I haven't really gotten my sh*t together yet but cheers to learning!~ <3

  2. lovely list, Jannie. as time passes, we learn that not the material things will make us happy, not even other people. it is ourselves and our decisions. if we choose to be happy, we learn to let go of the things and people that makes us feel otherwise.
    may 2016 be blissful and more blessed.

    Kai | www.lilpink.info


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