ZC Bloggers Meet Up - Round III

Zamboanga Bloggers is having round 3 of their meet ups &  you're invited!
Who : Zamboanga-based Active Bloggers
When : July 21, 2012 - Saturday
Where : Garden Orchid Hotel, Cafe
Time : 15:00 - 17:00

If you are an ACTIVE, Zamboanga based blogger who still isn't part of this group (Facebook) please contact Miss Rhea B. for further information on how to be part of our growing family.
Hoping to see all of you! This is certainly going to be fun, fun fun! *wink*


  1. This is a great idea! I hope we could have one like this in Iloilo :))


  2. waaah! sna taga jan ako so i can join:)


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