Updated : iPhone 4 Case Collection

I vaguely remember sharing my iPhone collection a few months back when I guest-posted at Ate Kai's blog. Some of my cases have disappeared since then and some cases have joined my growing "family" of cases, so I decided it was time for an update! Let's get started, shall we?

So far, the oldest case in my collection is this rubberized yellow spongebob case given to me by my "twin" & close friend, Shanne. I have older cases than this but those have died and gone to case-heaven. My spongebob case is a bit dirty along the sides but I still use it occasionally because it brings out the kid in me.

Next is this red hard case from my folks. This used to be my dad's case till he decided it was too "bright" for him. My little sister has this same case in a bright blue. It's probably one of my sturdier hard cases BUT it has a small crack on the lower right side, near the charging port when I accidentally dropped my phone. (Yes, I dropped my iPhone, kill me now!)

Another red case in my collection is this Alibaba transparent red hard case. Well actually it's a cross between a rubberized case & a hard case. I like the fact it's a transparent-like case. It makes my white iPhone really *POP* out. I got this for around P200-P250 from Tara Kyler.

Another case from Shanne is this hot pink casette tape rubberized case. I think this is a pretty awesome case. She also has the same case in black and cream but she "gave" me the pink one after I prodded her to do so. *lol* The only problem I have with this is that there isn't an open slot at the charging port so I'm forced to remove this case whenever I charge my phone.

My first "3D" case is this rubberized Rilakkuma one. I remember when the 3D Hello Kitty craze first hit the iPhone world and I went gaga looking for the store with the cheapest one. To my horror everything was around P500-P550 + shipping fee. I died a little inside because I'm a huge HK fan BUT I wasn't willing to shell out that much for an iPhone case. Anyway, one day, the boyf & I were strolling around an old mall (Yubenco) when we passed by a cellphone shop. I stepped inside and saw this case. For P300 only! I decided to get this one instead of the HK one since the HK one was more commonly used. I love how bright & happy this case is.

Another Tara Kyler purchase is my "mint-blue" Kiki Cat case. This is also a rubberized case and cost me P280 only! I fell in love with this case when Ate Tara tagged me in the photo on FB. I think it's super cute so I placed an order for one immediately. I think the color's quite unique. I haven't seen this case much around in shops too...

My first "Cath Kidston" replica hard case is the "lacquered" floral patterned one which cost my P280 at a local mall (Southway)... This was a total disaster. There's some "excess" material on the sides and I didn't see it till I got home. It won't really fit my iPhone properly and I hate it. This is definitely a fail. :( My first floral case and it's a disaster. Why haven't I thrown it yet? Cuz it's too pretty! :(

This pretty deep red-violet case is another one I got from Shanne. She "lent" it to me and by that I mean I already own it. *lol* This is another hard shell case with a built in "stand" by the way of "angel wings". I think it's pretty cool to prop your phone up with this case. I've been using this often.

The two "bubblepack" hard cases are from a local mall (Southway) and cost me P280 a piece. I was originally supposed to get the sky blue & hot pink one. They were sold out of hot pink, and the last sky blue one didn't fit my iPhone properly. So I decided to get the mint green & mango yellow ones instead. I stuck a home button sticker on the upper right of my mint front case, just because. 

Last (for now) is this "embossed" floral case in sky blue. I got this from an instagram shop... Go look up @pearlyjc for really cute & affordable cases. This cost me P280 + shipping. I also got Rilakkuma home button stickers from her which cost me P50 for 6pcs.

So there you have it guys. So far those are the cases in my growing collection.
Questions for my lovely readers:

1. What kind of phone do you use?
2. If you're an iPhone user, what's your favorite case?
For non-iphone user, would you like to try out using an iPhone?
3. Suggest online shops where you purchase your phone cases! :)

Till my next post.


  1. Haaay.. I'm so wanting an iPhone. :) Maybe it's not yet time. hahaha.. Your cases are so cute!! I super love the blue embossed case. I love the details and the fact that it's embossed makes it very much girly! :)

  2. Now I want to own a Iphone just for this cute and lovely cases.
    I am a Galaxy fan though.

  3. Wish I have an Iphone to have a collection like this!!!

  4. I wish I also have an ip4. Too many cute cases!!! cath kidston <3

  5. I wish I also have an ip4. Too many cute cases!!! cath kidston <3

  6. yay i like! Ung angel wings pinaka favorite ko! can't wait sa huge giveaway natin :3

  7. The Cath Kidston case is so pretty. Sayang kasi hindi kasya.

  8. Why do you have so many??? hahaha cute!!!

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  10. Great collection of beautiful iPhone cases. I love all these and your choice. Thanks for sharing. iphone 4 ucuz


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