Oh My Clozette! + Fashion Finds by Clozette.Co (An App!)

We all have to admit that at one point or the other, we've all turned to the "world wide web" for 
shopping fixes because our schedules just won't permit us to stop over at our local malls. Now that we're comfortable seated in front of our computers, all we have to do now is log in to a site, right? Wrong! First we'd have to choose from over thousands of online shopping sites available. But which one is "the one"?!

Well, I found "the one" a few days ago and today, I'm going to share it all with you.
This site is an all-in-one sort of site where it serves as your "personal online closets and a fashion social network". Another perk is the online bazaar where you get to check out what fellow members have in store & you can make your own shop too!

So what site am I talking about?
Well it's none other than

Click to enlarge.
So what's so cool about Clozette?
First of all the site allows you to create your personal "closet" online where you can share your personal favorite fashion pieces with fellow Clozetters. This way you get to interact with fellow fashionistas and also in turn get to see other Clozetters key pieces. You can share ideas and tips with other Clozette members because you can "like" & post "comments" on their posts! How awesome is that? Interactive site, indeed! You also get to share fashionable finds that you find at the stores.

Here are some photos of looks/stuff I've recently liked:

Color punch! That turquoise clutch is just lovely!!!

Diggin' the laid back feel of this look.

That floral tie-dye-like dress is to die for!

Now another nifty thing about Clozette is their online BAZAAR!
Their bazaar is the place to be to find fashion items that are hot & trendy from fellow Clozetters!
You can buy, swap and even SELL. Yes, SELL stuff at the bazaar! How? Read on for more information...

Online BAZAAR!

So, the thing that really got me excited about Clozette is that you can create your own store for FREE! Yes my dears, for free! All you need to start your store is at least 20 items. That easy, right?! I might just be selling on Clozette very soon!

I smell a business opportunity!

Now the fun doesn't end there...
Clozette has a new innovative application for all us fashionistas on the move!
I'm so happy to share FASHION FINDS by Clozette.Co to all my lovely readers.
This is a mobile app that allows you to stay connected even when you're on the move and away from your computer. If you're familiar with Instagram, this app is similar to that only geared more towards the fashion savvy!

You can SHARE photos of your recent buys and other interesting fashion-beauty finds. And once you've uploaded the photo on Fashion Finds, it automatically sends it to your Clozette account too! Save you the hassle of uploading twice, right? So cool!

You can easily browse by category and explore the wonderful world that's available to you and your fellow Clozetters! Like & share your own photos and photos of other fashionistas! I'm sure all of you will enjoy this app as much as I do.

Oh & did I mention the app is free? FREE!!!

Sleek and savvy looking interface...

Different categories cater to different needs!

Some of the "makeup" finds for the makeup junkies like me!

Saw this studded dress and fell in love!

Tried sharing my own photo.
And here's the finished product!

That's all for now. Will definitely update you guys on my Clozette adventures.
Hoping to see everybody there! 


  1. i also have an account with clozette! anyway, how do i join the beauty blogger group in facebook? :)

    Dress Me Up Buttercup

  2. Oh that's a great finding! Interesting site... might try that out! Thanks for sharing!



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