Makeup Swap : Rhaichael

I had my second makeup swap with Miss Rhain of Rhaichael and she sent over tons of Mary Kay goods. I've never had the chance to use Mary kay products before so I got really excited when she told me she'd be sending me some Mary Kay stuff...

1. Mary Kay Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss in Pink Luster ~ normally I don't wear lip gloss because I hate that "sticky" feeling on my lips but this particular lip gloss has a very light weight feel to it. I've been using this more and more each day because it's such a wearable rose color with very fine multi colored "glitters" in it...

2. Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Sweet Cream ~ this is my new "favorite" brow bone highlighter. It's a pigmented cream color that stays put and looks great!

3. Mary Kay Disposable Makeup Tray ~ an HMUA's best friend! I've been using this to mix foundations, cream shadows, lipsticks and other makeup products that I need to use on my client. It indeed is a life saver!

4. Mary Kay Time Wise Refine & Replenish...

5. Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color & Blush samples...

6. Mary Kay Satin Hands Hand Cream in Peach ~ I am totally in love with the smell of this hand cream plus it isn't oily or grimy in any way. I've been reaching for this ever since I got it!

7. Mary Kay Time Wise Matte Wear Liquid Foundation samples & Mary Kay Creme Lipstick samples...

I've yet to try out the samples she sent over but I'm very much excited to put them to good use! :)
To anybody interested in having a makeup swap with me you can send me a message via email at parel.janna@gmail.com! 


  1. Mary Kay is a good brand :) Nice stuff! :) I miss your post Jannie! :)

  2. i was happy much much much that you love everything ive sent =) im not a fan of lipgloss din but this lipgloss is different.. hindi sya sticky.. and it gives you that kissable lips hihi.. this lotion is one of my fave.. nakakalambot sya ng skin and ang smell nagutom hehe.. hugs!

  3. i've always been interested with mary kay products but i never got the chance to use any of them.

  4. Nice! Haven't really tried doing a makeup swap before! Sounds really interesting/fun!

    ~ Yette


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