1k Blog Followers & 1st Blogversary Giveaway!

Hello everybody!
A couple of days ago I hit an awesome 1k followers on this dear blog of mine. I promised (when I started blogging) that I would do a big giveaway when I hit the magical 1k, so here it is. This particular giveaway is also extra special because I'm also celebrating my blog's first year anniversary. This blog was actually created last October 2011 BUT I started to officially use it a couple months later, January 2012. It's been a wonderful year blogging on Jannieology so this is my way of thanking my readers for all the support. Enjoy!

First Prize winners gets the following goodies :

Second Prize winner gets the following goodies : 

And last but not the least, Third Prize winners gets the following goodies :

So how do you get a chance to win these fabulous stuff? Just accomplish the mandatory mechanics on the Rafflecopter (I'll be checking!) application, sit back, relax and wait for me to announce the winners!

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Also, to get additional entries, you can post my blog's badge on your blog's sidebar. Check out the codes below :

But wait, there's more!

Seven (7) of my lucky readers get a chance to win a discount coupon from Unicorn Delight, how awesome is that, right? More winners, more fun!

So just to wrap it up, the giveaway starts today, January 06, 2013 and ends on January 25, 2013. This is open to only my PHILIPPINE based readers. Winners will be announced on my official Facebook fan page. So keep checking that out for more updates! Again, good luck to everybody & enjoy!


  1. Hey Jannie! You know naman how big of a fan I am kahit nung Tumblr days mo pa :)) I remember how I "forced" you to transfer :))) Of course, I love seeing your tutorials. Take care always and congrats with 1k followers :)

    Ate April

    1. Ate, I'm so glad you convinced me to transfer since I'm really enjoying my "stay" on Blogger. :) Hope to see you again soon!

  2. Congratulations and More power on your blogging and being a public figure. i love reading your blogs and review because for helping me in buying make-ups.


  3. I have been following for a few months now and I enjoy reading your reviews on products, thank you for this giveaway.


  4. How long? Hmmm.. Around November? Dko na maremember sis! ahaha! I love your haul posts and makeovers. :)Congrats on your 1st year!:)
    GFC Name: mitchie2001
    email: mitchie2001@yahoo.com

  5. it's been six months since i like your fb page. And i love your entire blog.. esp. the make up review and giveaway of course.
    Happy New Year!!! and More Power!!
    GFC Name: Diana
    email: diana_beatima@yahoo.com

  6. I don't remember exactly how long I've been a follower of your blog, probably four months or so. :)

    I like checking out your reviews about beauty prods, ofcourse. :p

    Congrats for the 1k followers!

    GFC name: lily
    email: torres dot lilibeth at ymail dot com

  7. Been a follower since July/August 2012. I love reading make-up your reviews 'cause I find them really informative and helpful. I hope you and of course your blog have a great 2013 ahead. :)

    Angela Lustre

  8. Happy anniversary to your blog! More years for JAnniology! I have been following your blog for almost 5 months now. :) I love reading your post when you share with your readers the different beauty make up you use/have

    GFC: ANgelique Misa
    email: angelique.misa@gmail.com

  9. Hi Sis Jannie, i love your makeovers.. :)

    Joyce Sola

  10. GFC NAME: Lhyzie
    Email: lyzettebongon@gmail.com

    I love your reviews on product, the photo shoot and everything. :) Keep posting and it really helps a lot of people. Happy blogversary!

  11. Hello po. I am Hazel Fox.. I started viewing ur blog nung nag post po kayo sa facebook about sa mga giveaway.. I love make up po kasi.. and naponood ko na rin po maybe 1, not so sure kasi if u only uploaded 1 video, pro I already viewed one of it.. make up tutorial.. :)) and it inspires me a lot. yay.. may the best deserving girl win..

  12. im a new follower :) was directed here by candyloveart post in fb...i'm a huge fan of anything about make-ups so im reading evrything about that in your blog..

  13. I'm just a new follower of yours. I got interested in your blog because of the tutorials you post plus the giveaways. You've been so generous in your readers thats why I got curious in your blog. I am amazed because you have lots of readers and I am jealous at the same time because really want to create my own blog but don't know how to start. Congrats and Happy Blogversary! :)

    GFC: Mica de Jesus

  14. Ooops.. I honestly lost count.. But I've been a follower for a while.. Love your reviews, especially the local products which I find more affordable and reachable he he..and of course your tutorials even on youtube, I've watched your uploads there too. :) and btw, sis Happy 2013.. hoping you're having a great start...

    - Belle

  15. Thanks for the giveaway! Good Luck on your blog page. Just recently joined.

    Rachelle Therese F. Gonzales
    GFC name: Rachelle Therese F. Gonzales

  16. Hi Ate! You're one of the first bloggers that I actually followed. Hmm. I think I've been following for 4-5 months so far. I love reading about your make up hauls. I'm not a heavy user, but I guess it always pays to know what products can provide you with what you need. Happy blogversary! <3

  17. Lovely giveaway dear! I love DIY!

  18. I've been a follower since... July or August last year? :) I love your reviews because it gives me an idea on what to and what not to buy. :)

    GFC: Isabel :))
    Email: jamaica_buguis@yahoo.com

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  20. I've been a fan for approximately 5 or 6 months now I think. I love reading you reviews and tutorials and especially love your giveaways. Congrats to you and more power!

    GFC: Krystel Jabonitalla
    Email: krystel_chaze08i@yahoo.com

  21. Can people who live overseas but has philippine's addresses join this too? >o<

    1. Hi there! Yes, BUT if you win, I'll be shipping the stuff to your Philippine address.

  22. I've been your follower since last year, I love your posts about affordable lipsticks, more blogs to come Happy 1st Blogversary! :)

    GFC: Riza Acebuche

  23. i've been a follower early last year hmm can't remember exactly ;p i love beauty related post and watching tutorials too. thanks for this giveaway and congrats on hitting 1k followers

    - madjewel
    madjewelled at yahoo dot com


  24. Well, I started following you almost a year now because of the same page we joined -Zamboanga Bloggers- we also met a couple of times last last year I think. I love reading about your make ups and beauty tips and most especially your giveaway posts.

    Hope I win this time! :D I love to have that satchel bag. :3 and/or other prizes. haha. Thanks for the giveaway.

    GFC name : Angel Bugarin
    email address: devzangelz@yahoo.com

  25. Hi I've been a follower since August 2012 I love your product review & DIY very helpful :)
    Congratulations on your 1k followers

    GFC: Mai Decena

  26. I've been a follower of this blog since last year! I enjoy your makeup looks and product reviews! Thanks for this Giveaway!

    GFC: Maggie
    email: onine_75(at)yahoo(dot)com

  27. Hi Jannie!! I've been browsing different beauty blogs when I found yours! I follwed it a few months and if I'm not mistaken, I've been following it for almost 4-5 months now. I love reading all your blog post since I, myself is beauty buff. I like trying on different products and loves make ups as I love food.

    Hope you continue to give out tips and make up tutorials. It's really helpful to me;) more power on your blog and looking forward to reading more beauty related posts from you. God Bless! :D

    GFC: Maaya Legaspi
    email: maaya.legaspi@gmail.com

  28. I've been a fan for 5 months already and I can say that you really make good make-ups Miss Jannie! I love your product reviews and simple stories about your boyfie!:) i got sad too when your lola was in the hospital:( I'm a reader talaga since I already won thrice sa blog giveaways mo,. thank you so much again Miss Jannie and I'll support your blog all the way:)))

    gfc name: ma. karla shane

  29. To be honest, here in blogspot, just now. But I've been following you in FB for already 2 months. I love your make up execution and what brands you recommend to your readers.

    GFC: Marian Remo
    Email Add: marian.remo@gmail.com

  30. i have been but i do not know how long :)
    gfc she.is.the.one

  31. I've been following your blog for a month or so because I've started blogging approximately at the same time. I read your reviews and join your giveaways. I'm so glad to have a giveaway collaboration with you. I heard from Patricia Tan that you are an amazing make-up artist/guru. That's what make me check your blog every now and then, since I'm not that knowledgeable about make-ups. :)

    Congratulations! I'm looking forward to learn more about make-up and fashion from your blog. Keep up the good work and keep blogging! :)

    GFC Name: Pauchee Casimiro
    Email: paucheecasimiro@gmail.com

  32. I've been a follower since 6 or 7 months.I love reading your makeup reviews & Happy New Year! Thanks for the blog giveaway!

    Cheska Pagsanjan

  33. I've been reading your posts for a few months now. I love the reviews you do so that I can have an aspect of the products featured and I can sometime in the future make the right choice. More power and keep on blogging!

    Kimberly Camille Tiu

  34. I almost forgot! I do not exactly know how long, but you're the first bloggers I followed when I started blogging. :) Congrats to you 1st blogversary and for hitting 1k followers! Hope to do more collabs with you!<3

    GFC: Clarisse Litiatco
    email: itsmeclaili@gmail.com

  35. Hi, Ate! :) I've been following you for quite some time now, not sure how long its been. I really like reading your reviews on products especially the local ones like ever bilena, etc. Thank you for being an inspiration for chubby girls like me. God bless :)

    GFC: Michaella Diansuy
    email: micadiansuy@yahoo.com

  36. To tell you honestly, I'm just a new follower and just by seeing your page makes me feel that i'm gonna learn a lot of things from you from fashion to how to make one's self presentable. Keep on being kind and down to earth!!! ♥
    Trisha Camille

  37. Congratulations and more power to ur blog :)

  38. I've been a follower of yours last year july/august maybe, can't remember really. The kind of posts i love reading on JANNIEOLOGY are hauls, reviews and especially the giveaways! HAPPY BLOGVERSARY AND 1K FOLLOWERS! <3

    Vanessa Rose Palacio

  39. I've been a follower of yours last year july/august maybe, can't remember really. The kind of posts i love reading on JANNIEOLOGY are hauls, reviews and especially the giveaways! HAPPY BLOGVERSARY AND 1K FOLLOWERS TO YOU MS. JANNA! <3

    Vanessa Rose Palacio

  40. I forgot how long I've been your follower, around 6 months I guess. I love your makeup looks!! Sometimes I try to imitate them but since I lack the skills and make up kits, I wasn't able to do so. haha! Your reviews are also helpful, especially on make up. Nagbabasa muna ako ng review bago bumili o itry yung product.

    Congrats on your blog anniversary! Don't stop blogging, there are a lot of people who are looking up to you. Such a young age pero marami ka ng nagagawa at naiinspire na mga tao. :)

    Frenchly | frenchly@gmail.com

  41. Hi there Janna! I really your tutorials. those are one of the biggest help in my entire life. YOu know! being not makeup savvy, I cant make those but because of some beauty bloggers like you im learning now how to make up myself. esp that im preparing to enter the corporate world. Thank you!


  42. I really can't remember how long I have been following your blog pero months na rin. Around 6 months siguro? I love reading kasi your reviews. Napaka-in depth.

    Jannie, congratulations for another year your blog is celebrating and I hope to see more reviews. Also, I am happy to have you as one of my online friends. I consider you one e. :)

    GFC: Micmic
    Email: fhrayzie@gmail.com

  43. Oh gosh! I can't remember how long I've been following you, dear. But that was before you created BBU. :) I love reading your product reviews, haul posts and everytime you update us about an event, even the once you're not affiliated with. I love that you share other's events and help out your fellow bloggers. Kudos for reaching over 1k subscribers! I wish that you'll gain thousands more. Considering your passion, humble attitude and kindness, you truly deserve it! Congratulations, babe! <3

    GFC Name: bingcastro
    email address: ivsc1989@yahoo.com

  44. Hi po I have been loving your haul posts and who wouldn't love giveaway posts? :)

    GFC: Khai Flores
    Email: khaiflores@gmail.com

  45. Good day! I've been a follower just recently I think I started last November. I was searching in Google a certain product and lucky me I found your blog :) I really like your blog because of your reviews on make-up and other products. More power to your blog and career! God bless :)

    GCF: Lanie Pregoner
    E-mail: lanie.pregoner@gmai.com

  46. I've been Following you since nung sa Tumblr pa, and I remember Sayong Blog po ako first time sumali ng mga Giveaway. I really do love your makeup related posts, I get Inspire into it. and also your reviews about beauty products and because of this marami ako nalalaman na hindi ko pa alam. :)

    Congratulation for reaching over 1k subscriber. You Really Inspire me, Keep up the good work and keep blogging! God Bless :)

    GFC: MissAprilg
    Email: aprilgregorio08@gmail.com

  47. I can't remember na po kung gaano katagal. But I do love your reviews and giveways. :)

    GFC: lady_myx
    Email: mhyrr_xhieh18[at]yahoo[dot]com

  48. Hi i dont know exactly when i joined your blog but i remember ur product reviews and hauls... Congrats on having 1k followers.. MOre power and God Bless!!!
    GFC NAME: Em
    email address: celeby2214@yahoo.com

  49. I dont remember exactly when I became a subscriber of your blog but I remember reading ur blogs about hauls and product review.. =)) Congrats on having 1k blog followers.. More power and God Bless

    GFC name: Em
    Email address: celeby2214@yahoo.com

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  51. Hi Dear!! i'm not quite sure when i started following your Blog,... :)but it's been a month na.. love & enjoy reading your Product Reviews, Make-up Challenges & Beauty Tag.., it really helps a lot,. :)
    .. thank you for sharing your knowledge & love..
    congrats for reaching 1k follower & happy 1st anniversary.. :)

    Therese Decena

  52. Wow, I don't really know the exact date, all I knew is within 2011. Hmmm, I'm having fun with your beauty tutorials plus the reviews of products.

    Aliz Guir

  53. Of course ill be joining this give away!!! IMY sis Jannie!
    GFC : GingerLady
    EMAIL : lea_cedeno@yahoo.com

  54. I've been your follower around 3 months. I like your product reviews. :)

    GFC: Lemichii Chan
    Email: yzemil@gmail.com

  55. I don't remember exactly how long I've been a follower of your blog, but im sure i always read your blog and also i love joining your giveaways blog post :)

    Congrats for the 1k followers!

    GFC name: judith albius

    email: judithalbius01@gmail.com

  56. Hi! :) I have been reading your blog for months now, I love your make ups and product reviews! Congrats to your blog! you are awesome! :)

    GFC name: Kim Nunez
    email: kim.0211@ymail.com

  57. I've been a follower of you recently and I just read some of your posts and I like them all, the reviews, tutorials, etc. :)

    Congratulations to your 1k BLOG FOLLOWERS and I am one of them, continue blogging and inspire others like me. :)

    GFC: Ann Lee
    Email: leekarenann13@gmail.com / leekarenann@yahoo.com

  58. for months now! :) I <3 your makeup reviews and giveaways :)

    Congratulations sis! :)

    Gizette Cao

  59. I've been a follower since last year. I love to read more product reviews and tutorials :)

    Congratulations sis on having 1k plus blog followers and to your first anniversary. I wish you more success and good health.

    Love Jaja.

    GFC: Jaja
    email: jaja@beautycolada.com


  60. I've been following you for a few months now.
    I really like your reviews on beauty products .
    Congrats to your blog and more power to you.
    I like to see more product reviews from you in the future ^^

    GFC: Chocola Bear
    Email: joanevera@yahoo.com

  61. I've been a follower of your blog since May of last year If I can remember it correctly. Every blog posts you write is an inspiration for us. I love reading your makeup posts, etc but you got me really into joining your giveaways. Hehe I'm always excited to enter. May 2013 be your best year. Just continue making bunch of blog posts coz you touch lives. More power and still looking forward to future blog posts.

    Shiela Mhay Tobias

  62. I've been a follower of Jannieology ever since I started blogging back in July, but I got really addicted to this blog after I met you, right after I check mine your blog is the second thing I check EVERYDAY! haha addict much? i know! I told you dba, when I found out that you're doing YT vids I watch ALL of them :D

    I really like your reviews and makeup looks.

    Well, sis Jans :) it was really nice meeting you in person and have a good friendship with you. Thank you so much for being my inspiration :D 1k followers? that's ALOT hope to get in to that soon :D

    GFC: Milna Tulao
    Email: milnamania@gmail.com

  63. I've discovered you recently! but I really love your tutorials and all tips you give us! :)
    GFC: sunshine91
    email: volley_91_@hotmail.it

  64. I've discovered you recently!
    EMAIL: jessicacocco@hotmail.it

  65. yaay! such a huge giveaways! congrats for having 1k followers more power and Godbless :) enjoying and learning in your tutorials and reviews..xoxo

  66. yaay such a huge giveaways! congrats for having 1k followers! and continue in inspiring us to be more beautiful and confident :) much love xoxo Godbless :*

  67. Congrats with your blogoversary! I'm about to celebrate mine as well this coming 3rd week of January! Oh, and congrats with the 1k followers! Been lovin' your blog since I found it! Congrats again! :)

  68. I've stumbled ur blog middle of last year. I love reading ur make up review and tutorials coz I learn a lot. Keep blogging and inspirin!

    GFC: purpel
    email: purple_cee@yahoo.com

  69. Ive been following you for a month na and i love to see your blog about hair color and make up


  70. i've been your avid reader for a couple of months now..i like your product reviews, and giveaways of course!

    congats on your 1k blog followers 1st blogversary!More powers to your page!

    Chilzen Mae Cao

  71. I've been a follower of your blog since October.I really love your products review.Hope to see more in the future.Goodluck!

    Happy Anniversary and More Power,
    GFC: Marlene Yanga
    FB Name: Marlene Rivera Yanga
    Email: marlenerivera31@yahoo.com

  72. Congratulations on your anniversary :) I've been a follower of you since 2012. I love your stuffs and your posts here. more power :)
    Irene Fe Saren

  73. hi, im just new here.. i love make-ups, thats why i am very much interested to read your product reviews and tutorials.. congrats and more power to your blog.. happy 1st blogversary..

    GFC: Joselma Gumapac
    Email: amlesoj_25@yahoo.com

  74. Congratulations and more power, I am a new follower of your blog, it inspire me to do blogging also. Like your make up blogs.
    GFC - Belindaibanez
    FB - Belle Basa Ibanez
    Email - ibanezbelinda@gmail.com

  75. Hi Jannie dear! I'm joining! :D I guess I became a follower of your blog mid-March of last year. That was when I really started blogging :) You were one of the first bloggers I really became friends with :D I def love reading the reviews you write about beauty products and your tutorials plus the projects that you have in collab with other bloggers.

    I'm so happy that you reached your 1st yr in blogging and that you've gained 1k followers! So proud of you =) Love you, Jannie dear!

    GFC: Kai Grafia
    Email: karenclairegrafia@gmail.com

  76. i am a new follower. i like reading about make up! i like putting them on when im at home, but not putting them on when i leave home. weird no? hehehe i love your review of products. thanks for sharing!

    gfc- jaja
    fb- jay arcy
    email jcajote(at)gmail(dot)com

  77. GFC: Istin

    I have been a follower of this blog for about 6-8 months already if im not mistaken. Aside from enjoying joining your giveaways.. i love reading your product reviews and tutorials. Please do share with us more of your knowledge/experiences with the cosmetics you try/used. May God continually bless you.

  78. I've been your follower since last year. I love reading your product reviews, tips and giveaways. More power to your blog! :)


  79. Congratulations on your anniversary! I've been a follower since June.
    Love all your posts.
    Gfc: Say Yap
    Fb: Say Yap
    email: say_yap@ymail.com

  80. happy new year!i been following you since last year,early first week of july,i love blogs about makeups and of course has giveaway,hoping to win!
    sherry ann gole cruz

  81. Im a follower in yuor blog since last year :) I LOVe your blog because its updated about the make up`s that I really want to have one <3

  82. Hi Jannie! I have been a follower of your blog since last year, August ;) Since then, I feel in love with your makeovers! ♥ Thanks for this giveaway may you have a bountiful year ahead! :))

    Desire Loreto

  83. Been following you since last year. I came along with your blog because I need make up tutorials. I am hoping to win!

  84. i've been a follower just today.. i love reading about what's in for fashion, make-up reviews etc..and i've seen it on your blogs..i will probably be frequenting your blogs from now on. Congratulations on your 1st anniversary and i'm sure you'll be having more followers sooner. keep it up! :)

    GFC Name: Criselda Rull
    email add: criselda_rull@ymail.com


  85. Happy 1k! :)) Been your follower since last year, since June of last year I think. I have always loved your make-up posts, your tutorials and not to forget, your awesome giveaways too! More power1 nd may you continue to be an inspiration to us, your readers! :)

    Stephanie Abiera

  86. Im a three months old follower i think... I love your blogs aout make ups and we can't deny it that your so generous giving giveaways to your lovely readers like you.. :)

    FB: Raqisah Christina Grimmie Alimona

  87. I have been following you just now and I enjoy reading your reviews on products, thank you for this giveaway.

    Allan Reyes

  88. I just followed your blog now, but I'm a fan ever since i discovered your page. I really love you product reviews. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

    Jessabelle Magtangob

  89. I followed your blog a few months ago. I love your makeup reviews!
    Cassandra Ivana Bermudez

  90. I don't remember the exact date but i guess it was last December 2012, I'm a newbie in blogging and I'm actually looking for an inspiration and then I saw your blog. From then on, I've been visiting and I really love your beauty & product reviews. Continue to inspire more beauty blogger & Stay humble & proud. Congratulations on your 1k followers, I hope I would reach 1k followers as well in the near future. :)
    gfc: Angel Mari
    email: ricamarie18@gmail.com


  91. GFC: mayee xin
    email: clairesereno@gmail.com
    I've been following your blog for more than 6 months now.
    I love reading collaborations with the fellow bloggers!

  92. I am a follower of your blog for more that 6 months now!
    And still counting!
    i love the make collab with other bloggers post and the exchange of make up!
    GFC: mayee xin

  93. I have been your follower since the time I saw your Youtube vids via Tumblr, and I guess that was 2 years ago if I'm not mistaken. During that time, we were both still studying in WMSU. Hihi.

    I love reading about your product reviews & makeup tutorials, I even watch your videos on YT. Plus I also follow you on Instagram & Twitter so I know how your day goes by. ☺

    Congrats for the 1k followers and for being a blogger for a year now. God bless!

    *Thank you for the nursing-related advices I got from you! ☺

    GFC name: Ning Mumbing
    Email address: mjcpem_11@yahoo.com.ph

  94. Just followed now, I love reading blogs about Lip balm, BB cream, Lipsticks, face powder/foundation base.

    Mayla Lagrimas

  95. following you for a month! i love your tutorials and product reviews esp. sa lipsticks and BB creams. Congrats! 1 year na. :)

    Ella Prieto

  96. i've been following you for almost 4 mos. now and i love reading about your product reviews :)

    gfc name: theworldofjangC
    email: jangcostales27@yahoo.com

  97. jenny esplana

  98. Just recently joined. But after that, I've been checking your blog every time I'm online. :) I admire you for having a good heart. That's why you are blessed. Followed you on insta and twitter, too. :)

    GFC: Lei Barba
    Twiter: leibeyb
    Instagram: leibeyb

  99. GFC: Danitza Galvez
    email: alejandra.danitza@gmail.com

    Sorry but I can´t remember since I follow you!D; but I like the cosmetics reviews, especially if this are korean cosmetics!;3 heheh xD
    Congratulations and thank you for this giveaway!^^

  100. I've been a follow you in a months starting last year of August! I read more about your reviews on products. Nakakainspire yung mga make-up tutorials mo..

    Congratulations for leading 1k followers. more more reviews and tutorials.. =_)

    Krystal Jade Coronel


  101. I've been a follower of you few months ago, i do always check your blog but I don't leave comments. I stalk a lot of you! haha even your twitter account :D . I love reading your makeups :D

    Karen Dayle

  102. hi congrats.. ive been following you just today but i found that your log is really great keep it up gurl..


  103. Im a new follower.
    I love reading your reviews and tutorials

  104. Hi, Sorry I can't remember the exact date. But i do always check your blog and stalked. Hehe I love your review on beauty products and tutorials.
    Congratulations for the 1k followers and for being a blogger for a year now. Yey! God Bless.

    GFC name: ianna18
    email: raiaragbil@yahoo.com

  105. I've been a follower for more than a year, I love reading product reviews on JANNIEOLOGY specially on beauty products. I wish you more power to your blogs
    gayle sy

  106. Ay Jannie! I've been you follower since I start blogging. ever since we collab saludo talaga ako sa mga outcomes. so proud of you! Good luck and congrats!

    GFC: lalalapatricia
    email: lalalapatricia@yahoo.com

  107. I've recently followed your blog because I heard from my sister-in-law that you know a lot about make-up. I read some of your posts and I like the reviews you write. They could really in help me when I look for make-ups to purchase.

    congratulations and keep up the good work! Looking forward to reading your blog posts!
    GFC name: Karmille fe Casimiro
    Email address: keykie15@yahoo.com

  108. It was since last year nang i-follow ko blog mo. It's informative and the same time motivational for us fellow bloggers. You does not only promote beauty but you promote confidence in every girls. I love reading your reviews as it gives me idea on what and what not to buy plus your tutorials are amazing. More power and God bless you always!

    Myril Mae Magdael

  109. It's been over a year na siguro that I comment on your posts when I have the time. Hehe. I usually look at your reviews. Wish you more blogging and have fun!

    Raisa Mae Fernandez

  110. I have been following you for several months now. Nung nagstart din ako ng blog. :) I love reading your journeys and anything about tips.

    Marie Jane Rosell Jaime

  111. (Recomment, coz I wasn't sure if it was published) It's been a year since I followed you and I love your shop features though I watched your youtube videos first before I read your blog. Reading about shop features help me know new shops and at the same time while watching the products they're selling, I get to know the current trends. :) I remembered that you actually messaged me before about wanting to feature our online shop (Pretty Messed Up). But then your account got hacked. :( Sorry about that. If you still want to check us out, please do: https://www.facebook.com/pmucollection :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Charmine Rose Navarro

  112. Sad to say, I recently followed you. I just heard about you from my friend who is also into make up. I'm still a newbie in blogspot so I still don't know my way around it, I guess. Rest assured I really like reading your blog. Your reviews will greatly help me in purchasing new products in the future. More power to you and God bless!

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