Girl Next Door : Lea Godinez

 photo 934037_349396505163870_1573627404_n_zps397b145d.jpg  photo 6746_349396501830537_1547095987_n_zps40895cd2.jpg  photo 600466_349396551830532_1014576946_n_zps6fcc5182.jpg  photo 10439_349396541830533_673719857_n_zps312942d0.jpg  photo 969640_349396588497195_1780510159_n_zps33cd7414.jpg  photo 383449_349396508497203_1101205603_n_zps6b8e6f12.jpg
Client : Lea Godinez
HMUA : Jannieology
Photographer : Kerwin Baldovino Photography
 Location : Lantaka Hotel by the Sea, Zamboanga City
Last month I was contacted by the lovely Angelea "Lea" Godinez to be her hair & makeup artist for a very sexy-classy shoot. We took inspiration from different Rogue magazine sets. Lea has very lovely facial features so I played around those. I kept her makeup very light and fresh with lovely arched brows and pink-hot pink lips. As for hair, we decided on volumized curled hair for that soft bouncy look that perfectly complimented the whole look.


  1. level up! clean and gorgeous hair and makeup + magaling na photog = awesome shots

  2. I'm so proud of you Jannie :*> Pagbigyan mo na ko at wala akong siblings para sabihan nyan :)) Keep up the good work, you'll definitely go far, basta keep your feet on the ground (except, of course, if may nang aaway na sayo hehe) Love you sis!

  3. Good job working on her makeup! She looks sweet and innocent at the last photo. Just don't think of what she's wearing huh. Hehe. Naked kasi eh.

  4. She looks like Angel Panganiban! Gorgeous and awesome work Jannie! :)


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