June Photo Challenge!

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Hello my dearest readers!
It's finally June and that means that summer's over (for most) and summer's starting (for my family!).
I know I haven't been updating my blog much but most of my time (and energy) is reserved for work. Anyway, I've decided to do a weekly "My Life Thru Instagram" with the help of this photo challenge that I found on Instagram.
I'll be posting a collage of all the photos I took for this challenge at the end of every week.
Feel free to follow me on Instagram as well to take a peek at my crazy life.
Instagram : +Jannieology 


  1. this sounds cool! :))

  2. awesome!!!! i might do the june challenge... lol maybe... haha i can never finish one though :(


  3. if only i have instagram :( but this sounds fun! i hope you can also post it here in your blog. ;)

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