#PrayForZamboanga : MNLF Attacks!

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Today is the 4th day of #zamboangacrisis and I've been sleep deprived more than ever.
I know this is a beauty blog but this blog is also my emotional outlet...

My dear readers, I am so tired. I am confused. I am saddened. I am frightened. Some of you may ask why, since some of you may think this is a normal happening in Zamboanga. Let me tell you that it is not. In my 22 years living in my little hometown, I can tell you this is not a normal happening. The MNLF rebel group has invaded my beloved city, and even if they are supposedly contained in only 5 barangays, there has been sporadic sightings of the rebels in other barangays as well.
There are hostages. There are casualties.

All I can do is #prayforzamboanga and I ask you to do the same.



  1. oh my sis! i didn't know that is already happening!
    i hate those terrorists jud!

    im also praying every night for zamboanga.
    we in cebu are also watchful in public places like malls cause we don't know. di natin alam mabuti nang secured and vigilant always..
    God bless always sis!

  2. I watched the news about the happenings in Zamboanga. I hope it'll end as soon as possible! >.<


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