2nd Blogversary Giveaway ~ Part 1

2 years ago I created this blog then "left" I officially started posting here on January 2011 but technically October is my blog's birth month. It's come a long way and in celebration of its 2nd birthday, I'm here to share Part 1 of my series of giveaways.
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 photo jannieology_zps481be4a4.jpg  photo IMG_7995_zps384de170.jpg  photo PicMonkeyCollage_zps3e337798.jpg  photo image_zps7265b511.jpeg
ELF 32 piece Eyeshadow Palette - "Brights"
ELF Mascara set
ELF Eyebrow Stencil Kit
ELF Powder Blush
Maybelline Baby Lips Color
NYX Round Lipstick - "Spellbound"
KRAVE Lip Gloss
KRAVE Mineral Shadows - 3 tubs
Retractable Face Brush
Ben Nye Sampler - "Banana"
2 pairs Circle Lenses
Black Peplum Top
Several Bracelets
2-way Pink & Black Satchel
P300 Gift Certificate

One (1) lucky winner will be chosen via Rafflecopter.
Giveaway is open to only PHILIPPINE based readers/followers.
Must be at least 18 years old, for minors you must have parental consent.
Must comply with all the mandatory mechanics.
Giveaway starts today, October 14, 2013 & ends on October 31, 2013
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  1. I couldn't remember actually, but I guess its more than a year na but I seldom make some reads. I only read those things which are helpful to me in your blog and also applicable. I would love to read more on review of different beauty products and the latest make-up get-up in every occasions! I love the over-all appearance of your blog, pleasing to the eyes, good choice of font. :)

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog since September this year, d ko pa kc alam yung mga blogs noon... Nalaman ko lang kasi sa kasasali ko ng giveaways. And as a stater, i love your blog already. I can get some insights on how to feel pretty.

    Flor Ann Basa Guarino

  3. I am fairly new to your blog. I've been reading your posts and following you on different social networking sites for about 2 to 3 months, I'm not sure. The look of your blog is not that overly feminine/girly unlike the other blogs with cutesy stuff. But I think that it is better because it is clean, simple and loads faster. About the content of your blog? I like your posts because they're concise, walang paligoy-ligoy. And I love how you "prettify" girls. By the way, I must commend you about the Mascota de Zamboanga.

    Marinela Diaz

  4. I have been reading your blog since last summer. Around April I think. I stumbled on your blog, and I got hooked with it along with a lot more blogs. I see to it that I drop by every once in a while to read some posts. I enjoy your reviews, and how helpful it is. More reviews and affordable products on the future maybe. Your blog look is perfect and clean!

    I hope you continue to be one of the bloggers I look up to. Happy 2nd blogversary! <3

    Louise Ito


    Email Address : kristinayu@ymail.com

    yes i been reading some girly girly stuff of ours specially on make ups yiiii.... so me.
    well as u know i am a mom of 2 lovely kiddos thats why i want to see a blog that posts about parenthood and children kikay stuffs //ohh my so exciting db :) sana nga mag karoon ka din nun :)

    sana manalo ako dito ... i want that kikay stuff :)

  6. congrats ;d happy 2years jannieology <3

  7. honestly since nung nadiscover kita nito lang dis yr recently lang . since then i enjoyed reading your blogs esp makeup reviews . before i buy makeups ngbabasa muna tlg kc ako ng review kc ayokong ayokong may nasasayang na pera . aun . thats y i enjoy reading your blogs ;D more reviews pa gusto ko makita esp local products . maybe some DIY'S in the future coz thats what i enjoy reading and watching sa youtube .
    btw. im MIYUKI YAMAGUCHI ,
    email ; yukixtarr2246@gmail.com

  8. I've bee reading your blog for 3 months now. Can you please do a make up for nursing student? Yung simple lang.
    Carmina A. Aguilar

  9. hello,honestly i think i been reading your blog for a 10 months,im looking forward for more makeup reviews and tutorial
    sherry ann gole cruz

  10. Marija Nagulic

  11. I've been reading your blogs for almost a year and I'm loving your posts about make-up! I would love to see gadgets review maybe someday and your blog is pretty, its organized.
    Liza Marie Valenzuela

  12. I've been reading your blog just this year through some of the bloggers I followed who happens to be your "kakilala" I guess.I want to see bath scrubs review since I love scrubbing.
    Name:Elsie Valdez

    Thankyou for this awesome giveaway Ms. Jannie.

  13. I am fairly new to blogging anf I am approaching my 2nd month which makes it about a month since I started reading your blogs. I would really enjoy product, food and travel reviews in the future and I think your current blog is fairly doing well :)

    Winnie Aurelio

  14. Happy blogversary, ate Jannie! :-) I've been following your blog for about a year already. I suggest "Ask Jannie" posts on your blog for those (like me) who are clueless about make up. We can send in beauty questions and maybe you can answer them? I'm not sure if you already have something similar though.

    Jemm de Leon

  15. I don't exactly remember when I started reading your blog. Though I remember winning one of your giveaways earlier this year (January, I think) and I was bugging you with my transactions after that. So, its probably late last year. I really love reading product reviews especially on local products. I even tried using a face mask from The Face Shop after I read one of your posts. I enjoy reading your blog and I love the overall look and content of it.

    Sheela Richen Daminar

  16. Almost a year i think. I always join your giveaways ever since i discover this blog. :) I just like reading your blogs very informative specially on make ups!

    NAME: Mara Jerimee Galang
    EMAIL: boa_makura@yahoo.com

  17. Hello Miss Jannie! I've been a reader for a year already :) I enjoy your make up hauls and beauty tips :) I love how you love you family especially your grandmom :) I hope you can have more DIY posts :) Keep on shining and inspiring:)



  18. almost half-month :) seriously, I'm not more onto make-up blogs, but when I saw this blog, I started following it :"D I see almost everything about make ups you've posted na eh! Just keep us inspired na lang! :) THANKS TO YOU ^_^

    ana monica ayungao

  19. I've been reading your blog since I started blogging seriously, which was about late 2012. I knew about your blog when I joined Zamboanga Bloggers on Facebook. I enjoy your blog cause it's very informative. At first I couldn't relate cause I don't have my own brush set. I love reading your Hauls and I love watching your videos. Maybe more DIYs please? I really love the DIY brush cleaner. I couldn't afford expensive makeup tools and some tools are not available here. So, I'd love to see more posts that are DIYs or cheaper/easy-to-find alternatives for makeup/tools.

    Roshelle Pauline N. Casimiro

  20. I had been a reader of your blog since the last quarter of 2012. I love everything you posts here and it empower me since I'm a plus size girl like you it makes me look forward to being as strong and confident as you are. No body size could hamper every girl to make herself beautiful even the size of her waist. More power to you and to your blog, sis!

    Myril Mae Magdael

  21. I dont remember the exact time but I've always loved reading your posts. I love learning new things because of your reviews.

    Kimberly Camille Tiu

  22. I've been reading your blog for around a year now. I'd like to see more review posts in the future; these are what I look forward to the most because I get information about certain products even before I buy them. This information helps me decide whether or not to buy a product. I like the overall look of your blog because it's clean and uncluttered.

    Aviva Domasian

  23. For just a few months, I think when I stumble upon it while looking for some make up reviews. I would like to see more of make up techniques! :D

    NAME: Gladys Cabugon
    Email: gladyscabugon@gmail.com

  24. I have been reading your blog for about a little less than a year now and I like make up swatches and review because it is really helpful especially to someone like me who's just starting out on make up (late bloomer, I'm 20 na, haha) I have no troubles with the look and content of your blog, it's really easy to read and informative.

    Name: aira de castro
    email: saipersuades@gmail.com

  25. i have been reading your blog since january :) na discover ko lang to kakasali sa mga giveaway and simula noon i followed you sa lahat ng social networking sites :) hehehe and also other blogs.

    i really enjoyed reading your post hir! very informative for a mom like me , na late bloomer pagdating sa makeup thingyy hehehe.. i have learned a lot from your blog regarding sa makeups and other products.

    i am looking forward to read a lot of informative things and product reviews regarding sa pagpapaganda and more makeup techniques :) hehehe

    Happy 2nd Blogversary Ms.Jannie

    NAME: Aiko Borja
    Email: aikoborja@gmail.com

  26. I've been reading your blog more than a year, if I remember in correctly. I like how informative and helpful your post. I read most of your post about makeups especially the affordable but reliable finds. Its been my basis upon deciding :)
    I want to read more about it. and some tips too because I'm not good as most of you in terms of makeup:)

  27. Happy 2nd blogversary Jannieology :)

  28. I really don't know when did I started reading your blog because i read more different blogs everyday, the kind of blog posts I would like to see is more reviews of make ups. I really love reading your blogs ?
    Mary Joy Supetran

  29. How long have you been reading my blog, what kind of blog posts would you like to see in the future and do you enjoy the over all look & content of my blog? Also comment your full name & your active email address.

    I just recently started reading blogs including yours, mostly I'd like to see product reviews before i buy some products because i dont want to waste money to buy that is not worth the price. Of course I do enjoy your blog's content and also the look =) btw I'm Sandra Mae Facturanan (sandramfd@yahoo.com)

  30. not that long yet, maybe four to five months tops.. i love reading beauty blogs because i'd like to know more about the latest makeup trends and product reviews. just continue on your post about your reviews, i'd love to read more.. i like your blog content coz it's easy to navigate and backread.

    caryn morales

  31. I like it that you are in Mindanao as well :)
    I started reading your blogs 5 months ago, gisugod pa nako sa pinaka-una nga post, been a lurker here hihi..the page is easy to navigate through and I like it! Keep it up!!!

    Nhonim B. Cailing

  32. Been reading your blog since August pa lang, im looking kasi to some beauty blog and found yours. Hope you posts more reviews.

    Nerissa Marin

  33. Been reading your blog since August. Im looking for some beautyblog, and found yours. Hope you post more reviews :) Happy blogversary ♥

    Nerissa Marin

  34. sis how can i share this sa fb ? dko kc makita ung share .

  35. I started reading your blog months ago and I'd like to see more product reviews about make-up before I buy and use them. I enjoy the over-all look content because reading your blog releases my boredom and stress!

    Ma. Eddielli R. Bungay

  36. I started reading about your blog months ago and I love reading your product reviews before I buy them! I would like to see more product reviews and maybe outfit posts! I really do enjoy reading your blog posts because it releases my stress and boredom if wala akong magawa
    Ma. Eddielli R. Bungay

  37. I been reading your blog since 5 months. I been reading your beauty blog I learned tips how to apply makeup and reviews
    Maricel Fajardo

  38. I been reading it since 5 mos about makeup review and beauty tips.
    Maricel Fajardo

  39. How long have you been reading my blog, what kind of blog posts would you like to see in the future and do you enjoy the over all look & content of my blog?

    I started just last month, beauty and fashion comes together well so maybe some tips on how to complement your makeup to the dress you gonna wear, events you gonna go or something like that:)) yes I like the layout of your blog very quirky and let me guess you like the color violet?? if yes, me too!!! hahaha... Anyway, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

    Genevieve Teneza

  40. I've been reading your blog for almost a year already. :))) I enjoy reading your hauls and all. I would like to see more makeover madness posts from you. :))) You are indeed an awesome blogger. Keep it up po. :)


  41. I am new to your blog since 2 months ago. I love reading about make-up since I'm not use it daily because my work doesn't require it. Might as well apply all what I have learn from you on special occasion.
    Bernadette Zareno-Balino

  42. A friend recommended me to view this site for more beauty tips, and yes, I watched P1 Makeup challenge (link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bs-zs_XipYI&feature=youtube_gdata), which really inspires me to be thrifty. I really like your MUA Artistic Color Palette (my dream make up palette, i hope i can have one for my cosplay make-up :) ) and your ELF Lengthening & Defining Mascara xD
    Me envy xD
    Happy 2nd blog-sary, ma'am Jannie! It's been 2 years since you open your blog and it successfully bloom across the world wide web. I am hoping for your blog to be more successful and may God always blessed you :)

    In Jeremiah 29:11-13 (NIV), the Lord said “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

    God bless you po!

  43. And in Psalm 37:4 (NIV), the Lord said that "Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart", So Ma'am Jannie, be prosperous and stay strong in the path of God's will :)

    Name: Erica Celine Cassandra Fernandez
    E-Mail: eccpabellon@gmail.com

  44. I've started reading your blog recently and I find it really good. I've learn a lot of tips from your blog and it is really informative that's why I love reading it. Hope to read more blogs . Happy blogversary!

    Name: Rachel Ann Bioneda
    E mail: rachelann_2339@yahoo.com

  45. -How long have you been reading my blog?
    I've been reading your blog since I discovered it last May when I started blogging :) I just dont left comments because I read different blogs. hehe :)
    -what kind of blog posts would you like to see in the future and do you enjoy the over all look & content of my blog?
    I would like to see more product reviews and makeup tutorials! and also some ootds please ♥ I love the over all look of your page, it's very simple and classy. In terms of the content, well.... it's wonderful! i wouldn't be your reader if i don't like the content :)
    -Also comment your full name & your active email address.
    Jean Cyrene Riparip

    Happy 2nd blogversary po! May the Lord bless you more. ♥


  46. I've been following you since last year pa. If I had the chance, I visited your blog. Naging busy kasi ako because of my studies and board. But now, I started reading your blog again a few months already. I love your make-up tutorials. So, I just want more on it. <3 Because I don't know much about make-ups. hehe. I like everything you posts. Really awesome blog. One of my favorite :)) Happy 2nd Blogversary!!! More power! God Bless ♥

    Rhea Juaton

  47. I just discovered your blog lately searching for a product review. i really love your blog because i have learned a lot about beauty. Thanks so much, i hope to read a lot of product reviews in the future and skin care tips. Thanks.

    Leilani Gamboa


  48. I've been reading your blog since August. I love to read more product reviews and makeup tutorial. :) I enjoy the content and over all look of your blog.:)

    Arjayssa Reyes

  49. I have been reading your blog since last year! I forgot how I discovered, but yeah. :-) I'd like to see more lipstick reviews and swatches and nail art tutorials, too! Well I do enjoy the look of your blog. Not too girly and cool on the eyes. :-)

    Clarisse Litiatco

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. Hi! I've been following your blog since last year but not sure. I love your blog. Your blog is nice. :)

    Karen Atienza

  52. Hello! I've been reading your blog more or less 2 years already. I would like to see nail art tutorial on your blog, more makeup reviews, and face of the day posts. Yes, I enjoy your overall look and content of your blog, however, there is only one thing I would like to suggest. Your blog is kinda full of pictures on the sides, maybe you can make them smaller to make it look simpler. :D Just a suggestion. :D

    Judy Ann Chio

  53. I've been reading your blog after the lolita shoot. The one which you were our make-up artist sponsor. Hoho.
    Just post anything you like. Though i prefer reviews about beauty products. Well un n din ung mga posts mo thats why i love ur blog.

    Gracian Lee Pulis

  54. Hi! I've been reading your blog since November 2012 and I am enjoying every part of it :)

    Kim P. Nunez

  55. I've been reading your blog since January 2013! :) I really love your reviews on cosmetics and any beauty products hahaha I wanna see how to do a day and night look comparison :) I love the design of your blog purple! :D Keep posting!

    Hope to win! :)
    Abigail Joyce Chan

  56. I think I'm reading your blog for like 2 years now.. I've witnessed your first ever outfit post pa. O diba? Just keep posting girl!


  57. I started following your blog just this year. I really admire your make-up skills and I love reading your blog post :)

    Lanie Villabona Pregoner

  58. i think i've been a reader since last year? not sure. but i do enjoy reading your make up reviews and your make up tutorials. you definitely do have a passion for make up artistry and you're definitely good at it :)

    janelle | cruzjanellea@gmail.com

  59. Maria Christina Gumatay

    I have been reading following your blog for more than a year. I hope to see more of your products review post and vlogs.
    God bless and more power

  60. I started reading your blog this year..!! I love your reviews it help me a lot.. hope to see more of it..!! I love your blog its so beautiful..!! ^_^
    Julie-Ann Sta. Ines


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