Michi Strengtholic 2800mAh Powerbank

Let's face it. These days, almost everyone is stuck to there smart phones. Take a look around you, 8 out of 10 people would be typing or swiping away at some kind of tech device. I for one am guilty too! The first thing I do each morning, aside from thanking God I'm still breathing, is actually check messages or emails on my iPhone. I use my phone for almost everything, from sending texts to making calls to computing med dosages to jotting down reminders, I can say that I'm phone dependent. With that dependency comes the irritation I get when I get a draining or drained battery at the worst possible time. Yes, I do carry my charger with me but what if I didn't have any electric outlets to plug into?
Well folks, my prayers have been answered.
I recently purchased my first ever powerbank. To be perfectly honest, the reason I chose this was because it reminded me of a cutesy tube of lipstick or lipgloss. Read on for more details!
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What : Michi Strengtholic 2800mAh Powerbank
Where : Christian Paulo Go's Facebook Account
(Zamboanga City based)
Price : P1050
Features :
Built-in environment friendly Samsung lithium-ion battery with 2800mAh capacity
7 vibrant colors to choose from
Compact & lightweight
Specs :
Input - 5V-1A
Outpu - 5V-1A (max)
Capacity - 2800 mAh
Self charging time - 3 hours
Battery life - 6000 hours
Product size - 93x25x25mm
Weight - 76g
Package Contents :
1 USB output li-ion battery
1 micro usb cable
Reusable pouch
Instruction manual
Colors :
Magenta / Orange / Cyan/ Light Purple / Lime / Black / White
Thoughts :

First off, I really like the design of this powerbank. I've seen rectangular & square shaped ones online but I don't come across cylindrical ones often. I chose this particular design & color because it reminded me so much of my tubes of lipstick & the color reminded me of bubble gum! It had a smooth almost velvet-like feel to it, though the outer covering is made up of some sort of rubbery material. I'd be careful with this kind of material though, in my experience it's the type of covering that attracts a lot of "dirt" marks. It's a good thing the powerbank comes with a pouch where I can store it when not in use. It's also very lightweight at only 76g, it weighs next to nothing so it isn't a pain to bring around even in a small sized purse.

After reading through the helpful instruction manual, I plugged in my powerbank to charge it. There is an indicator light. Red means it's still charging, while blue means it's ready to rumble. It took 3 hours to fully charge my powerbank. I drained my iPhone4 's battery to 10%, once it reached 10% I tested my powerbank out. It charged my iPhone4's battery to a full 100% in aprrox 2 hours. I tried it out again when my battery hit a 50% mark, it fully charged my phone in about 30 minutes. Of course charging time will depend if you continuously use your phone while charging or not. I got about 2 & a half full charges from my powerbank, which isn't that bad. Definitely relieved to finally have a powerbank especially with all the "happenings" in Zamboanga these days.

Go check out Kuya Christian's Facebook account to check out more of these babies!


  1. How cute is that thing!? OMG! I totally thought it was a lip balm before actually reading the caption. HAHAHA! It's soooooo girly and convenient at the same time :)) I guess I need one too since I defo hate getting drained batts. >.<


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