Haulage : January 2014 - SanSan Products!

A few days ago (January 15th), I went out on a little town excursion to look for some baking ingredients. Little did I know that my trip to Top Taste for baking supplies would lead me to a side trip towards the only HBC outlet in Zamboanga. I've been meaning to stop by since last year to pick up a few items but the Holiday Rush kept me so busy that I only had time recently to go hunting for a lot of raved about products.
 photo IMG_9046_zps45aa3e15.jpg
 photo IMG_9044_zps02b7138e.jpg
  I made it a point to pick up these SanSan Creat Your Own eyeshadows in Warm Copper Fire & Charcoal Brown that cost P50/each. I also wanted to get Deep Earth Brown but they no longer had stocks of the shade. It was a bit frustrating for me since they still had the tester on display! *ehem ehem* I'm planning on going back for the shades Yellow Topaz & Natural Air Sienna soon. photo IMG_9053_zps5101e815.jpg  photo IMG_9055_zps35198c25.jpg
Despite me having a bad habit of biting my nails when stressed (eeeeek!) and sometimes deliberately chipping off my nail polish, I still somehow manage to buy nail polish to add to my small collection. I got this P37 SanSan Nail Polish in the shade Red Gleam which is a very pretty red-violet shade that looks striking against my medium complexion. It's vampy but still very wearable. I sense a nail-art tutorial soon... *hihi*
 photo IMG_9047_zpsfe774c62.jpg
SanSan recently launched several products for their High Definition line and this lipstick is 1 of three shades that I picked up. They had a pretty "loud" pink shade, a decent red, and this lovely MLBB (my lips but better) shade called Nude Brown. It retails for only P109!
 photo IMG_9051_zps820b85f1.jpg  photo IMG_9052_zps186b3ac3.jpg
I know this photo doesn't do it any justice (I'm playing around with a new set up!) but this lipstick is such a pretty and wearable color. It leans more towards a pinky-nude which suits my medium skin tone perfectly!
 photo IMG_9057_zpsb5923a9a.jpg  photo IMG_9060_zps80361e82.jpg
Now onto the real star of my post. I purchased the SanSan HD Concealer pens in the shades Beige & Olive. Each twist-type pen costs only P105 and is the current talk of the town. Once I swatched these babies' testers at the HBC counter, I was completely sold! I'll be talking about these more on a different post.

So, there you have it for my second haul this month! Cheap but awesome finds, right?


  1. I got the Deep Earth Brown :D and I usually use it for contouring :D

  2. I just purchase the HD Concealer in Natural shade since I have fair skin. But my main purpose is to hide my 2 small dark blemishes around the side chin area. It is a major fail It only conceals it lightly. The spots are still obvious,I think this concealer is only good for light blemishes and if you want to conceal your undereye..Plus, i don't like the fact that they keep increasing their prices. i.e. HD Concealer priced before at 105Php is now 119Php, quite huge difference..


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