Review : UNIQSO - GEO XMUA14 Eyes Cream Vanilla Brown

I've always been a fan of Uniqso and their products, so being offered a choice of which lens I'd like to review was really exciting for me. I chose the GEO Eyes Cream Vanilla Brown lenses from the new GEO line. I chose these lenses because of the color and design... Read on for a more in depth review!

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Lens Details
Brand : GEO
Origin : South Korea
Water Content : 38%
Diameter : 14.5mm
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Price : $19.90, roughly 869.53php
Duration : 1 year, disposable
Freebie : Yellow lens case!

 photo IMG_9897_zps99fd0524.jpg

What I Like :
* Color & Design - I've always been comfortable wearing brown lenses. These are a perfect shade of brown that compliments my dark brown eyes. It adds a touch of sparkle to my eyes that I particularly like. The lighter shade of brown that makes up the inner ring really compliments the other shades of brown as well. It makes this pair of lenses appear almost hazel-like. 

* Enlarging - At 14.5mm this is an enlarging pair without making you look like a reptile. 14.5mm is a safe size for me because it's enlarging enough to make my eyes pop but not overly crazy for people to be scared of me.

* Comfort & Ease of Use - For a "seasoned" circle lens wearer, this pair was a breeze to use. It isn't flimsy and isn't heavy on the eyes. I wore this pair for more than 4 hours and had no problems whatsoever.

What I Don't Like :

* Not locally available.

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  1. Nkakagoodvibes naman ang color ng blog mo, sis. ^^

    Uniqso also sent me one pair back in college. doll eyes yata yun. and yes, they have nice products.

  2. Wow sis! Ang ganda! :D


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  4. I like it, it looks natural.

  5. Wow, this pair looks really good! Too bad it isn't available here :(

  6. Thanks for the review! Very beautiful lens and makeup ^^


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