Calorie Counting : The Beginning!

I've always been on the heavy side since I was a little kid. People always told me that I'd outgrow it and lose the baby fat. Well, I'm in my early 20's and that baby fat hasn't gone away. Not even an inch! So, as part of my 2015 new year's resolutions, I've vowed to make an effort in getting healthy!
My first step is to start eating healthier... I used to live off junk food and fast food meals. Burgers, fries and large iced teas were my best friends. So was pizza, potato chips and a lot of cupcakes in between! Needless to say, I gained so much weight in 2014 that I went up 2 dress sizes! From a UK18, I became a UK 22... At first it didn't really bother me but I had a major wake up call from my dad due to several health incidents last 2014.
In the later part of 2014, I did try to lose weight and I came down to (a still heavy!) 107kgs or 235.89lbs... My current correct height is 5'1" and according to BMI, my healthy weight should be 45-57kgs or 99-125.66lbs. That's a LOT of weight I need to lose!
Aside from exercise (which I'll be talking about in another post), eating healthy has always been difficult for me because most of the food, even the home cooked meals, are high in calories and fat plus I always seem to end up having double servings. Thankfully One Tomato ZC opened up last year and this year it's going to be one of my allies in my weight loss journey.
One Tomato ZC is a Zamboanga based healthy food shop that is the brainchild of Sandy Balagapo, nurse & certified chef! The great thing is that she has this healthy food program which takes care of my lunch & dinner meals. Ready to eat, calorie counted and best of all, yummy!
Here's a peek at the meals I had this week...
 photo OTZC_zpsc8a8eaa2.jpg
*L (lunch), D (dinner)
Monday : L = Chicken Ala King with Upland Brown Rice, D = Country Style Fried Chicken Salad
Tuesday : L = Beef & Bean Noodle Salad, D = Korean Fried Chicken with Upland Brown Rice
Wednesday : L = Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet with Upland Brown Rice, D = Korean Bibimbap Salad
Thursday : L = Japanese Chicken Omurice, D = Dory Burger with Organic Kamote Chips
Friday : L = Roasted Tangigue with Upland Brown Rice, D = Asian Chicken Salad
Saturday : L = Chicken French (Lemon Butter) with Upland Brown Rice, D = Tuna Sisig with Upland Brown Rice

For breakfast I had either whole grains cereal with low fat milk, rolled oats with low fat milk, or 1 pandesal & a boiled egg. As for the One Tomato ZC meals...I thoroughly enjoyed all these meals except the roasted tangigue which is probably because I'm not a huge fish eater! My favorites were the korean fried chicken meal, japanese chicken omurice meal and the asian chicken salad!

I'll be blogging regularly about my journey to weight loss. Watch out for my exercise post soon! Wish me luck on this challenge to become a healthier and happier version of myself! 
PS : Weekly meals cost P1350/program plus an additional P150 as delivery fee. No more hassle because my meals get delivered right at home! Sundays are supposed to be CHEAT days but I ordered extra Saturday meals...


  1. so happy for you sis.. this will be the best decision ever.i was diagnose with high blood pressure last year and it aint pretty. i changed my lifestyle. pretty much what you love before (guilty ako sa lahat ng junk foods noon). and now i'm doing so much better. dont give up.. you'll love it when people notice that you're looking great, di na yung laging comment na "Uy, ang taba mo!" That's how rude our community is :) And will always be.

    Of course. it will be for your overall better health na din.

    start with any exercise na maeenjoy mo. dancing, zumba, cardio.. kahit 15minutes a day muna. goodluck sis.. if you need help. just here.

    we can do this!

  2. This is actually good what you're doing! And is really effective! d(^o^)b I support you and I hope you reach your weight goal!


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