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July is proving to be a rainy month for lil ole me in Zamboanga!
I've been gone for almost a month and it feels a bit awkward typing this out. I know a lot of my readers have been wondering where I've been again. Well to cut the story short, my family came home and I always put family first. So anyway, to kickstart my July, here's another one of my "currently" posts...


Reading :
The Cellar by NatashaPreston on Wattpad
Here's a quick "trailer" so you guys get a gist of what it is about.
Writing :
I should be writing updated chapters for Love,Daisy but I've put that on hold temporarily while I look for more inspiration and research a bit more for a better storyline for my characters. I'd really appreciate if you'd take a look into the story and give me suggestions!
Listening To :
Paramore's Still Into You. The lyrics just get me every single time.
"Some things just, some things just make sense and one of those is you & I." 
Smelling :
Rain. It's actually a very comforting scent.
It's been raining for days in Zamboanga and as much as I hate getting wet in the rain, there's something about cuddling with your blanket in bed while it rains outside that comforts me deep down.
Wearing :
A black shirt and my pink pajamas. I'm still in my sleepwear as I type this out. I've been up since 5am and it's now 7 in the morning. Everything is just starting to wake up, including my dog Dexter who is looking at me from the window. *chuckles*
Eating :
Breakfast which is basically a combination of my Herbalife products. Yes, I've been Herbalife-ing since May 2015 and I've lost about 7-8kgs. I need to get myself back to the center  for another weight monitoring activity. *haha* Breakfast at the moment is my strawberry flavored meal replacement shake. Yummmmm! (Not really.)
Thinking :
About work. I'm currently on an on-call shift at the hospital and I'm wondering what surgeries will be there to attend to later.
Feeling : 
A bit sad. It's that quiet kind of sadness that creeps up on you.
Loving :
Ombre rosette cakes! I've been baking and decorating a lot of these babies the past few days and I find them super cute! Head on over to Sugar Works on Facebook to check out my other baking goods.
 photo A_zpszhxwzgud.jpgWanting :
A vacation... One with friends... One where I can explore someplace new and be awestruck by the intensity of Mother Nature. One where I can chill and relax and leave my worries behind in Zamboanga for a bit....
Needing :
Help! Especially with the piling dirty laundry in my hamper.
Wishing :
Things were easier.

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