Review GEO MiMi Cafe Series WMM504 (Macchiato)

The other day I received a package which I blogged about here. The package was from Jhia of Red Jhelli Shop and they contained my most awaited sponsored lenses! I'm super excited to share this particular review because I am so in love with this particular pair of lenses.

The lenses that were sent to me are from GEO and they come from the new MiMi Cafe Series. Mine's the WMM 504 which are also known as the Macchiato lenses. The lenses from the Cafe series are inspired by several coffee drinks.

Lens Information:
BC : 8.70
Dia : 15.0
Life Span : 1 year
Shelf Life : 3 years
Made in : Korea

Left : Side that touches the eye. Right : Side with the visible pattern.
In the picture above you can clearly see the pattern of this particular lens. I'll be talking about that in a bit. Let's get on to the actual review before I start ranting again.

Shipping / Packaging : 
Jhia of Red Jhelli Shop texted me last February 21, 2012 to inform me that she shipped out my package already. It arrived in Zamboanga on the 23rd of February. It took quite a while, in my opinion. Especially since the package came from Cebu. Air21 was a good choice of courier though, since they've never given me problems in the past. I love the fact that the lenses came well packed in bubble wrap and for added protection, were stored in a very cute paper packaging with the Red Jhelli Shop logo. The presentation was eye catching indeed. Gives the impression that RJS cares about first impressions.

Color / Design : 
Aside from loving gray lenses, I'm also hooked on brown ones. They seem more natural to wear on a daily basis. This particular color is a mix of different shades of brown. It transitions from a deeper brown ring to a lighter toned brown for the inner design. I love how the colors blend well together. Another note-worthy thing is the swirls on the lenses. It really does remind me of a coffee drink being swirled in the cup. I've never personally seen this design on other lenses so I'm super happy to own this particular pair.

Enlargement : 
These are 15.0mm babies! Need I say more? For girls (and guys) who want/need huge lenses, then this pair is definitely a "must have". They are amazingly enlarging and give me this whole "awake" and "dolly" effect.

Comfort : 
These lenses were amazingly comfortable. I wore them for 7 hours straight with no problem whatsoever! I feel as if this particular pair is thinner than my other "large" lenses. Or that may be just me. Anyway, they felt great when worn. As if I wasn't even wearing lenses at all.

Overall : 
I am in love with this pair of lenses. I'm not being biased or anything but I plan on wearing these lenses every chance I get to "squeeze" it's use to me. I love the design and how comfy they are plus the color is a perfect everyday color. I know a lot of people would say that I need eye makeup for this but I think I can totally pull this off without eye makeup!

The above photo was taken with flash indoors. You can clearly see the transition of colors and the lovely pattern on the lenses! They are definitely pretty.

Time for full face photos! 

What do you guys think of this particular pair? Would you try this out yourself?
If you purchase this pair (or any other pair) from Red Jhelli Shop, you can get a 5% discount if you use this special code : RED-JANNA01
So, what are you waiting for?

Disclaimer : This product was generously sponsored by Red Jhelli for review purposes however all opinions expressed in this post are purely the blogger's own.


  1. gorgeous! i love the pattern and it looks great on you!

    1. Thank you Carizza. You should try 'em out as well! Use the discount code. :D

  2. I love it!! perfectly looks great on you! :)
    perfect blend with the makeup too!!! :D

    I don't know why.. but I really prefer brown lenses over gray/black ones. o___O

    1. I love it too. By far my favorite brown lens to date. I love this even more than my angel brown ones.

      I guess cuz brown lenses look more "natural"... Have you tried purple ones na?

  3. i do use colored contacts but with grade.. i've never tried ones with design... you have nice eyes with or without contacts :)

    1. Awwww. Thanks for such a sweet compliment sis! <3

  4. bagay sayo ang ganitong design :)
    pero im still forever loving the brows :>

    1. I've been getting loads of compliments on my brows from you (& etc)... Feel ko it's a sign na dapat gumawa na ako ng tutorial for it! :D

  5. Super cute!! Congrats on being Bloggers' pick of the day! New follower!
    ♥ Shia

    1. Hello Shia! Thank you for supporting my blog. <3

  6. Woah! Your eyes look HUGE! I'm not sure if I want something like that for myself! hahaha My eyes are already huge. Don't want to draw more attention to them :P the swirling effect is great though :D

    1. 14.0mm lenses would probably be best for you Mich. :)
      They do look pretty huge nuh? But IRL, (accdg to my friends n boyf) they look okay naman for everyday. I don't look like an alien naman daw. HAHA.

  7. Naww i can't really see the difference. Not so clear the pics. Gusto kasi makita the difference with or without lens, weird kasi pag mimi my designs tlg. hehe

    1. Oh you mean a pic na isang eye with lens, tapos ung isa without? LOL. Sa next review ko nlng.

  8. I really like it! :o
    And your makeup's really really nice, Ate~


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