Makeover Madness : Feb L.

Yes, another Makeup Madness post! You guys have seen Shanne's, Aicy's & Jazendra's..
Now it's Feb's turn.
Feb happens to be my batchmate's Jamie's younger sister...

She had already curled her hair and put up her crown area in a small pouf so all I had to do was set it and add a bit of volume to her crown area. It's evident in the photo that she doesn't have perfect skin (who does?!) and most of her problems were dark circles, redness and acne scarring but again, it wasn't something that makeup couldn't fix. Plus even with the scarring, her skin was super smooth and easy to work with...

List of Products Used...

Celeteque oil free-water based moisturizer
NYX concealer in a jar - beige
NYX HD liquid foundation - 04
Shu Eumura face architect liquid foundation - medium beige

BeautyUk powder blush - rose pink
NYX powder blush - mocha
Mememe highlighter - sun beam

Avon clear mascara
NYX eyebrow kit - medium brown
Ever Bilena eyebrow pencil - light brown
NYX eye liner pencil - brown

NYX HD eyeshadow base - skintone
NYX jumbo eye pencil - gold
Wet n Wild coloricon palette - vanity
ELF 32pc eyeshadow palette
Beauty Cosmetics 120pc V3 palette
Maybelline gel eyeliner - black
Maybelline line stiletto liquid liner- black
Maybelline volum' express hypercurl mascara - black
False eyelashes
DUO eyelash glue - clear

NYX lip liner - hot pink
NYX soft matte lip cream - addis ababa

So what do you guys think of her makeover look?
I'd appreciate constructive criticism but please don't expect me to tolerate very nasty comments.

For Zamboanga based readers interested in hiring me as their makeup artist, please feel free to email me at parel.janna@gmail.com. You may also contact me through my business number 09179096366.
Thank you!

Grabbed this (blurry) photo from Feb's account with her permission.
Isn't she lovely?


  1. amazing! :) bet ko yung make over na to :)

  2. Very nice use of colors and you did fantastic coverage :) I really enjoyed blog walking through your blog! I just followed your blog, hope you can visit mine and follow me too! More power!


    www.MusingsofaMakeupMaven.com (http://sabshernandez.blogspot.com)

  3. Kelan ang makeover mo sakin ate? Chos. You're amazing! I love it! :)

  4. I really love what you've done with her grabe makeover! Naku gawin mo nga akong barbie doll haha! Kung dyan lang ako nakatira hahaha papamakeover talaga ako sayo!

    xoxo, www.itsmedeann.com :)

  5. I can say that it was def a total makeover - you brought out her beauty even more and hid her small 'imperfections' perfectly! Good job Jannie!!

    The Misty Mom

  6. I think you did an awesome job! I suffer from acne marks too, and you just awesomely hide those freaking marks! You really make her beauty stands out! Love the makeup. It's perfect! :) - Pretty Thrifty

  7. Good job sweetie! You're a PRO!
    You should make videos *wink

    Keep 'em comin'


  8. wow. ang galing niyo po mag make up, she's pretty too, :D


  9. she looks really gorgeous! ^_~

  10. ang ganda ni ate kahit no make up, yun nga lang madami syang pimple marks. and super amazing yung coverage na ginawa mo sis. ang flawless tignan :D you already!


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