Customized Cases, Anyone?

Aside from collecting (and sometimes hoarding) makeup, I also collect iPhone cases for my baby Stark (2 years old iPhone 4). To date, I have about 20 cases which I know seems crazy but I do use 1 per week. *defensive much?*

Recently, I've been into customized cases and I'm so glad I found Anne's Outlet on Instagram. Miss Anne is Zamboanga based, so it's super easy to hand over payments and claim orders. She was even super sweet to deliver it to my lola's workplace free of charge!

 photo IMG_7494_zps05f6822f.jpg

What : iPhone 4 Customized Cases
Where : Anne's Outlet (FB), @annesoutlet (IG)
Price : 300/each for snapback cases (hard cases)

 photo anns3_zps851f64a5.jpg  photo ann1_zpsa307fda2.jpg  photo anns2_zps13431881.jpg

I chose two designs as part of my first time orders. My first case is a white hard case with heart shaped aztec prints all over. My second case is actually a "matchy-matchy" case since my not-so-baby sister also purchased the exact same print and case color. It's of a cat that definitely is a "boss".
I really like the quality of the cases. They feel sturdy and snap on securely onto Stark. Also the prints are great. They haven't faded or chipped. I highly recommend ordering from Anne's Outlet. They also ship nationwide!

Contact her :
SMS/Viber - 09066129740
WeChat - annesoutlet

Email your designs at annesoutlet@gmail.com
Check out designs at - Flickr.com/photos/annesoutlet


  1. The cat case is uber cute! Will check this store out. :)

  2. Super cute!!


  3. such a lovely cover. i love the cat , it's really dainty, too bad i don't have an iphone :(

  4. Wah! Really cutey patootie cat! Hmm now if only I had an iPhone hehehehehe xoxoxo

  5. Do they make customized cases for Note 2? Love the Aztec hearts :)

  6. wow.. this is cute! :D I wish they could make customized cases for iphone 3gs too. hahahahaha :)

  7. Woow! Super nice designs dear:) I ordered from Anne's Outlet before too. Super smooth transaction and the seller is nice too :)

  8. I need to have an iPhone4s (i had a 3g and its outdated) first before i could grab a case like yours... nice collection..

  9. Stark, what a cute name for a gadget! My D3200 named Tony Stark coz he's red like IronMan (cheezy LOL!)

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    Stay pretty!

  10. om mee gee! Pretty cases!! Sad i dont have an Iphone! This is so so pretty <3 uggh

  11. omg i want a customize case too! cute2 naman..

  12. those are real cutie Jannie!


  13. nice cases, Jannie, but I don't use an iPhone now...

  14. Wow I love the cases! It's so cute. Good to know I don't have to order in Manila anymore. ;)


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